Friday, September 4, 2009

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 9/4/09 Results and Review The Morrison Era Begins

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 9/4/09 Results

The Great Khali & Finlay defeated Kane & Mike Knox
John Morrison defeated Rey Mysterio Jr to win the Intercontinental Championship Belt
Maria & Eve defeated Natalya & Layla
CM Punk vs Matt Hardy No Contest

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 9/4/09 Review

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Alright, now down to business, Smackdown had a lot of buzz, and my friend actually told me a result early, but I will pretend I didn’t hear it, so here we go, Smackdown after Summerslam, I think…I maybe wrong, I might be right, I don’t know. My mother in law will be in town again next week, but I’ll have reviews because I have no job now…awesome.

The night started with a Jeff Hardy package, talking about saving the memories. The dude is not my favorite, but he is one heck of a worker, and proves that a little guy could do a lot. I like Punk though, I like him a lot as a heel.

Cm Punk came out to Jeff Hardy’s music and dressed like Jeff Hardy, and basically got booed out of the building! That’s great, Smackdown is the #1 WWE show in my book right now, just with that opening. Punk spoke volumes about all sorts of things, and after a few paragraphs, out came Matt Hardy and immediately was beating up Punk, and guess what? He was over! The crowd was going nuts for Hardy which is nice to see, especially after his last run had him failing to get any reaction.

The Great Khali & Finlay defeated Kane & Mike Knox

This match was slow and not very good for the most part. I was bored with it, and while Knox and Finlay are the fasted guys in this match, this was just slow moving. Kane looks injured, his run to get thrown over the top rope looked like an old man trying to walk without his cane. Finlay hit Knox in the head with a weapon and it was all said and done. Yep…this match was so slow, and Khali barely got a shot at Kane. Finlay looked somewhat injured, but overall this thing was tiresome.

The divas drama backstage, is lame, and stupid. I hated it. I hate this part, WWE Smackdown isn’t the #1 show, it’s just a show.

John Morrison defeated Rey Mysterio Jr to win the Intercontinental Championship Belt

With Mysterio basically in the doghouse, and my friend telling me this was going to happen, I knew the outcome, but the match? Dang. The match had a lot of stiff moments, with Mysterio trying to get the better of Morrison and Morrison looking a bit stunned at times by the faster offense by his smaller opponent. At one point it looked like Mysterio injured himself or his back on a twist to the outside, things looked tough from that point forward for Mysterio and Morrison met him with enough intensity to earn himself respect, if nothing more. Morrison took some sick bumps to put over Mysterio as a worthwhile champion, and Morrison just looked down and out for a good portion of this match up. Morrison slowed this thing down with several rest holds, and really tried to get this thing slowed down, because if it were up to Rey he’d be high spotting himself to another win. Mysterio hit the 619 and I thought this one was won, but nope, Morrison hit a spinning kick to the face and this thing was on rails. I couldn’t believe this is a free match on television. Starship Pain was hit and BOOM we got a new Intercontinental Champion! This was a ppv caliber match up.

R Truth was coming down to ringside, and as he went into the ring he got beat up again by Drew McIntyre. Yep, a new guy, and he’s Scottish.

Maria & Eve defeated Natalya & Layla

Awesome, three out of four of these women can’t wrestle at all. I guess this is all they could come up with for the follow up to the Intercontinental Title match. This was one of the worst women matches I’ve ever seen. This match sucked. However, the women did pick it up towards the end, although, it’s just a crap division, I’m sorry, WWE has never done good with the women.

CM Punk vs Matt Hardy No Contest

Matt Hardy looks fat to me. I’m sorry, he just looks fat, and he’s not that great right now. He’s actually slow, and Punk was the one that seemed to be perfectly in shape and ready to go full speed. That being said, this match was half speed for the most part, with a lot of rest holds to slow the pace of the match. There were a few moments where I thought this thing was going to seriously make some moves, but it just didn’t happen. Towards the end of the match it appeared that Punk wasn’t going to be able to put away Hardy, but with a few mistakes on the behalf of Matt Hardy, Punk slowly got this thing to go in his direction. Punk got a steal chair out and started to go to work against Hardy, and for some reason wasn’t disqualified, even though hitting someone outside of the ring with a chair is technically not a legal move in the match. Furthermore, the count was not even going too far, when The Undertaker appeared out of nowhere! He then Chokeslammed the crap out of CM Punk through the announce table! This match was as good as done. No winner I guess…Matt hardy got tore up for no reason it seems.

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