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WWE Monday Night Raw 9/21/09 Results and Review More of the Same BS

WWE Monday Night Raw 9/21/09 Results

Triple H vs. Cody Rhodes (no contest)
The Miz defeated Evan Bourne
Beth Phoenix defeated Mickie James
Kofi Kingston vs Jack Swagger (no contest)
Cedric The Enteratiner defeated Chavo Guerrero w/ special guest referee Santino
Randy Orton, Chris Jericho and The Big Show defeated John Cena, Mvp, Mark Henry

WWE Monday Night Raw 9/21/09 Review

Another week of Raw, another boredom movement to say the least; but they tried right? I guess so.

Tonight’s host was Cedric The Entertainer, another non wrestling host. I thought he was ok at best, seriously, just ok at best. I don’t know why they hired him, until later on in the show…when I realized that this was just about squashing Chavo.

Tripe H vs. Cody Rhodes (no contest)

This match was going strong, I thought that the amount of offense that Cody Rhodes got was definitely cool. I’m really surprised at how much offense Rhodes got against the former champion. This match was back and forth with Triple H getting some shots, but mostly it was Triple H getting worked inside. I liked how Legacy outsmarted Shawn Michaels on the outside, which seriously was good overall. Rhodes inside the ring was impressive at moments too. A full moonsault proved that Rhodes was no fly by night star, but his timing was the real story here. He timed a lot of things just right overcoming Triple H’s size and speed quite well. Triple H was on the receiving end of a major beat down of course, Dibiase running in with a chair and mopping up with a chair, ending this match up. It should’ve been a dq, but it was listed as a no contest, so we’ll keep it that way. Dreamstreet and Crossrhodes were hit on Triple H, Michaels was knocked out, and this match should’ve been worse, but it was actually alright.

The Miz defeated Evan Bourne

This match should’ve been way better, well, maybe I put Miz in too high of a regard tonight. Bourne was getting punished throughout this match up, and The Miz had his number. Seriously, Bourne was getting worked with many rest holds, and submission maneuvers, however Bourne would come back. Yes, we would get another Bourne reversal type comeback, but not without The Miz having a say in how things progressed. I did like how this match wasn’t just another flurry of high spots to a win, it was just a few high spots to a loss. The Miz hit the Skullcrushing Finale and it was over. Clean! The Miz is getting a push? Not again!

I hate contract signings folks, why would they have one on the show? Seriously? The modern day contract signing sucks more than the classic contract signing. They need to stop doing this to us, but who will tell them? Or convince them? Oh well, we’ll see Orton and Cena wrestle yet again, another ppv I am NOT going to buy. I wouldn’t suggest you get it either.

Beth Phoenix defeated Mickie James

This match got started to a fast pace. It was a short match, but it was adequate in a lot of ways. Mickie James got worked fast, and was made to look weak as Beth Phoenix wins in such a short match with such an impact. Wow, they don’t care for Mickie anymore huh? This was a squash match if I ever saw one.

Kofi Kingston vs Jack Swagger

Jack Swgger is now a main feature on Raw? I’m too old, this gu is o that good in my view. Yes, he has something, but I think he’s also missing something to me. Seriously, he seems to be missing something, I don’t know what it is, but he’s missing that extra….something. He’s like a default video game character to me, seriously. Whatever the case is he was in there going step to step against Kofi Kingston. It was interesting to see Swagger react fast to Kofi’s high speed offense, with great reversals and overall in ring technique, even if it was short lived. Midway through this match The Miz tried to steal the belt but was hit from behind by Swagger! Swagger then took the belt and walked away too…which seemed odd. So that was the end of this match, another weird way to end it, but I guess there’s a ppv coming, so why am I not surprised?

Cedric the Entertainer defeated Chavo Guerrero w/ Santino serving as Special Guest Referee

Chavo Guerrero got squashed again. Cedric the Entertainer was supposed to be the wrestler involved, but instead we got these masked guys working, and Hornswoggle even getting involved. This whole thing was a terrible cluster of stupidity. Seriously, this was another stupid squash of Chavo Guerrero for no apparent reason at all. Seriously, this annoyed me, why do I even watch anymore? I’m so tired of this.

It was Lillian’s last night. She was hot, is hot, oh well, she did her job well. Too bad she took that major fall when Charlie Haas threw her off the ropes. Maybe that’s why he hasn’t ever gotten a decent push.

Randy Orton, Chris Jericho and The Big Show defeated John Cena, Mvp, Mark Henry

This match was tyical six man wrestling action. You’ve seen this crappy style of wrestling each week on Raw with no reason to watch. This match at least was back and forth for a lot of different points. Cena and Henry towards the end were working quite well together making things interesting, especially since the crowd was going nuts for Mark Henry! However, the match would be short lived as “the viper” Randy Orton struck again forcing chop blocking Henry and getting an RKO for the win. Yep, Orton wins with his team. This was good for Jericho and Big Show as they have been losing on Smackdown lately.

Overall not a terrible night of wrestling, not a great night of wrestling, but hey that’s how things happen.


You guys are probably getting tired of these notes, but just a heads up, I’m suspending the TNA review due to lack of cable, I was fortunate enough to get WWE Raw this week. I will be out of town moving next week, and won’t be reviewing at all. I will also not be able to review smackdown this week.

Stay tuned for updates, as I move from seattle to Idaho.

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