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WWE Monday Night Raw 9/7/09 Results and Review Bob Barker Hosting

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WWE Monday Night Raw 9/7/09 Results

MVP defeated Chris Jericho
Evan Bourne defeated Chavo Guerrero
John Cena defeated Cody Rhodes via disqualification
Big Show defeated Santino in a Body Slam Challenge
Mark Henry defeated The Big show in a Body slam Challenge
Degeneration X defeated Chris Masters & Randy Orton

WWE Monday Night Raw 9/7/09 Review

The show opened up with Bob Barker and he started out a game show of sorts. The show then had some game, and Chris Jericho came out alongside Santino, IRS, and Jillian Hall, which is lame. This whole thing smelled lamed, they did a mock pricing game, which was just a knockoff of the price is right. This was serious the worst thing I’ve ever seen, what a train wreck.

Chris Jericho won something lame….i don’t remember, so a match was next.

MVP defeated Chris Jericho

MVP and his partner are set to get a tag title shot, but overall it’s interesting to see a singles match between the two. This match was actually going well, until the commercial break took out the momentum for me. MVP was looking good, but it seemed like Chris Jericho had him winded towards the end of this match up. A Lionsault attempt was foiled, and MVP hit a jawbuster on Jericho, which prompted the BALLIN move, but out came Jericho with a WALLS OF JERICHO! MVP rolled out into a school boy, and couldn’t get the win, Jericho kept kicking out and MVP started to get frustrated with all this and missed a Codebreaker when MVP held onto the ropes, MVP then capitalized on the misstep, and pinned Jericho for the quick win.

Evan Bourne defeated Chavo Guerrero

What’s this? Chavo Guerrero finally gets a shot at Evan Bourne, and if he wins apparently he wins a car, a Corvette to be exact. Chavo must be carrying too much weight on him because he seemed extremely slow compared to Evan Bourne in this match up. Chavo was trying to keep pace but it was just painfully obvious that he was out classed. Hornswoggle came out with a super soaker and got beat up for a moment. Evan Bourne got a roll up and it was all over! This match was just bad, Evan Bourne wins, and it looked like Chavo hurt his knee.

John Cena defeated Cody Rhodes via disqualification

John Cena was moving forward in this match with ease, but somewhere along the way Cody got the upper hand. He actually looked promising, but Cena wasn’t going down without a fight, and so this match ended up being another Cena easy momentum swinger. Not without some offense by Cody Rhodes. At one point it almost looked like Rhodes was going to tap out Cena, but nope…Cena was ready for him and turned this thing around as is custom for Cena matches. John Cena was on his way to victory before Orton ran down and interfered. It was the end of that, and John Cena definitely won…via dq.

More of the same old crap, The Price is Right parody nonsense.

Santino ended up having to try and slam The Big Show. The Big Show dropped Santino and that was that.

Mark Henry defeated The Big show in a Body slam Challenge

This too was a body slam challenge. This match was boring but eventually Mark Henry slammed Big Show, which is ridiculous. Whatever, this was boring. A body slam contest? What a load of crap.

Trish Stratus will be returning next week to host Raw.

Degeneration X defeated Chris Masters & Randy Orton

Well, if you wanted a tag team match for your main event, you sure got it. Once again the boys in Degeneration X fought off two cronies, not too unlike past weeks. Another loss is ahead for sure. It’s going to be a sad thing if this is the next few weeks of programming. Dx tried to fight off Masters and Orton and it just seemed like it wasn’t happening. Orton was definitely looking dominant in this match up, and of course DX was looking just out of it completely. This match was on rails, face it, we all knew how it was going to go down and it was telegraphed in a lot of ways. The match got going well when masters tagged in and Triple H tagged in both for the hot tags. The two were going full speed, with Triple H hitting Masters with hard shots, and the neck breaker which made for a good quick onslaught of offense to close this thing down. A high knee nearly got the win over Masters, but Triple H took his eye off of the prize, however it didn't matter he tagged HBK and a big Elbow later this thing looked all about over. While Orton and Triple H fought it out at the announce table, Shawn Michaels was given The Master Lock and was basically being put to sleep! Triple H broke it up, and of course Sweet Chin Music was Hit, and then Triple H had a Sharpshooter on Orton and Michaels had a Figure Four on Masters...this was done.

Wow the same finish that Slamboree 97 had. Great job WWE.

Post match the fight broke out to the back of the arena...just in a street fight of sorts. Nothing really important was going down. Orton seemed to have disappeared. The fight spilled out to the streets...yep...hilarious.

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