Tuesday, January 6, 2009

WWE Raw 1/5/09 Review and Results

Tonight’s Raw opens up with Chris Jericho and Randy Orton in the ring protesting last week’s fatal four way results. This prompted HBK and JBL to come out to the ring, finally prompting Stephanie McMahon to come out and declare that despite complaints, Orton and Jericho have no major complaint, and that she doesn’t care what they say. McMahon, not only gets pictured from the waist down with a mini skirt on, she also makes a match for tonight; John Cena & HBK vs. Chris Jericho & Randy Orton, which should be an instant classic, but it’s not ppv, so it probably won’t be.

Goldust & Melina defeated Beth Phoenix & Santino

This match was interesting to say the least, as Santino was getting cheered, and Goldust finally got a match on Raw. This was good, Goldust did not show any major signs of ring rust, even though he hasn’t been on raw in a long time. At least not on a wrestling capacity, but this was looking to be quite well. Melina won after pinning Beth Phoenix with som sort of top rope move. Goldust and Melina win a match together, and hopefully Goldust gets more to do on Raw.

Cm Punk defeated William Regal via Disqualification

The intercontinental championship was on the line for the first time in a while on raw. Cm Punk looked good out there against William Regal, but all eyes were on Layla which looked amazing in that black dress and boots. This match was going into interesting roads, and it looked like Cm Punk was poised to win this one. Punk hit his high knee into the corner, and then set up the GTS, but Regal held onto the ropes, then held onto the ref forcing him to get disqualified. Regal walks out with the champion still in tact, but Stephanie McMahon shows up on the big screen to announce that Regal has to give Punk a rematch and next time, the title can change hands via dq.

Backstage, Dolph Ziggler introduces himself to Mickie James, and Manu gets thrown out of the Legacy group.

The Miz & John Morrison defeated Rey Mysterio Jr. and Kofi Kingston

The tag team champions really had their hands full in this match. Mysterio and Kingston were really all over the place, putting a major hurting on champs. However, within a commercial break, the champions got back into the game and were really showing off why they are the tag team champions. The end came when Mysterio jumped off the top rope and was met with a huge sidekick by John Morrison, in mid air! Morrison and Miz win yet again, in this three to four start match on Raw.

Post match, Mike Knox came in and beat down Rey Mysterio. What is funny is that this is the same story line that we saw Rey Mysterio in back a few years ago with none other than A-Train. Remember? This exact same scenario led to a Rey Myserio knee injury that put him on the shelf for almost a year. Looks like WWE really likes making Rey Mysterio work for that pay check, huh?

Kelly Kelly defeated Jillian

This as a throwaway match for me, nothing crazy here. Jillian can’t really wrestle, and while Kelly has shown some signs of improvement, and some good overall matches before, this wasn’t one of those good ones.

Post match, Kane came out to save Kelly Kelly from getting a beat down. But says that he’s going to kill Randy Orton next week.

Sim Snuka & Cody Rhodes defeated Cryme Tyme

I didn’t think this was going to go well for the legacy team, but they seemed to be holding their own out there amidst a more experienced tag team partnership. The majority of the match had Cryme Tyme in control, until Cody Rhodes managed to drop his opponent with what appeared to be a rolling ddt, and it was all over. Good stuff overall, not too crazy, and just enough to make this watchable for me.

Shawn Michaels & John Cena defeated Chris Jericho & Randy Orton

Cena looked great out there, and it seemed that any problems that may have come from tagging with Shawn Michaels were to be averted. Nothing crazy happened, until midway through the match Cena nearly delivered the FU to Shawn Michaels, after getting raked in the eyes. Other than that, the majority of the match was Cena taking a major beating and Shawn Michaels not even trying to help. Shawn Michaels eventually got tagged in and he was not laying puppet to JBL and even got the pin to win this match up!

WWE Raw 1/5/09 Results

Goldust & Melina defeated Beth Phoenix & Santino
Cm Punk defeated William Regal via Disqualification
The Miz & John Morrison defeat Rey Mysterio Jr. and Kofi Kingston
Sim Snuka & Cody Rhodes defeated Cryme Tyme
Shawn Michaels & John Cena defeated Chris Jericho & Randy Orton

Overall a good Raw. Nothing too crazy to mention, as there is still some time before the Rumble to build the story lines more. There's a lot going on in and around the wwe universe, and the matches are starting to get a little better and more exciting.
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