Thursday, June 23, 2016

Feminist Wrestling Fans Running Over Any Opinion

Looks Matter In Wrestling 
Recently I had made a few comments about wrestling on Twitter. Someone was jumping all over comments made by Dave Meltzer. He was talking about Bayley’s looks, and if you were a woman you didn’t agree. I agreed. He’s right. Why?

Well let me just say this much. This morning I was at the grocery store, and Sasha Banks was on the cover of Muscle and Fitness. She was featured on there for her body, and looks. She’s not an ugly person.

Show me 1 major push for a woman in pro-wrestling that is featured on magazines and is champion that is “ugly” in the traditional sense. No, not TNA, WWE. I’m not saying Bayley is ugly, but Dave Meltzer is not just some idiot on a blog like me.

Now, addressing Twitter. There’s a lot of feminist tweets going out, and if you’re a male with an educated perspective, you cannot make a comment or you will get hit hard.

Suffice to say, I tried hiring many female writers in my career and was told that I was just “one” opinion. Well, Dave Meltzer’s opinion is just “one” opinion, but nope, I’m wrong, I’m a man, I don’t know anything about wrestling.

I’ve been a fan since 1983, and well that’s not enough.

So a big FU to everyone on Twitter, I deleted my account, screw it. I’m too old I guess.

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