Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Raw Women’s Team Cooperating Is Illogical

Yes, That's Bayley and Sasha Banks Saving Charlotte (The Woman They Supposedly Hate)
Hey there, did you catch Smackdown? Did you see what I saw? Did you see the Raw team invade Smackdown. I’m of course talking about the women’s division jumping the Smackdown Women. Nromally this would be grand, but let’s take a second to recognize the fact that there’s a big gap in logic. But it’s wrestling you may ask, of course, but I have time on my hands, and so do you, so listen up and let me inquire a bit.

The Raw Women’s Champion Has Friends?

On Raw, we’ve been hearing about Charlotte and how she’s the best, and how she doesn’t like Sasha or Bayley. But who comes out first to save her when getting beat up by none other than the Queen of Strong Style, Nikki Bella? Sasha Banks! What happened to being the boss? What does she care of Charlotte gets beat down?

Ok, what if she does fight. What about Bayley? Bayley shows up and fights the women too?! The Hugger? Nia Jax comes in as well and she is defending the Raw girls? What the hell?

Let’s go back to the Lethal Lottery in WCW. That was when some bad guys would get teamed up with some good guys. Some guys like Ric Flair would get teamed up with Randy Savage and Sting. What would happen when he got the hot tag? Boom, he’d turn. He wouldn’t even do any moves against the other team, he’d turn, beat up Savage or Sting, and the run away like a good heel. Not here. Nope. Instead we get illogical booking about the Survivor Series.

Oh, and remember, Bragging Rights? Well here you go, get it on Blu Ray and find out what happened the last time Team Raw and Team Smackdown fought in the brand split. What a joke. What a damn joke.

I did like King Booker, though. Good stuff.

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