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Top 11 Bill Goldberg Matches of All Time

Top 11 Bill Goldberg Matches
A long time ago, I posted the Top 3 Bill Goldberg matches, and they stand as some very strong matches. But after so long, I’ve managed to watch a lot more wrestling, and thanks to the WWE Network, I have been able to get back to some of the older matches that I saw, didn’t see, and forgot about. With that in mind, I am going to attempt a top 10 Bill Goldberg match list here, because we all know that this Sunday on PPV and WWE Network he will get pummeled into submission by Brock Lesnar, aka Bork Lazer. So here we go, the best of Bill Goldberg according to your local idiot, and wreddit banned writer, me.

11. Bill Goldberg vs. The Giant WCW Nitro December 1998

Bill Goldberg wrestled a much more agile Big Show. He was called The Giant, and he was great. Goldberg was not just plowing through The Giant on this night. He faced off against The Giant and was getting beat down fast. Goldberg was getting pummeled, and even got hit with the Chokeslam, and despite that, Goldberg still found a way to bounce back. The best part of this match wasn’t just that the Giant was chopped down, but that he picked him up and hit the jackhammer, and the crowd went ballistic. This match’s winner was to go and face Kevin Nash at Starrcade 1998.

10. Bill Goldberg vs. Saturn WCW Spring Stampede April 1998

Saturn did quite well against Goldberg if you ask me. He even put the big man in the Rings of Saturn, which I marked out huge for. He was able to wiggle his way out, and eventually overpower the flock’s lieutenant at arms. In this quick on, Goldberg contrasted well with Saturn’s crisp offense. Kidman got involved at one point, and got thrown into Saturn which was a nice touch. Goldberg also did a few more moves here than usual. The crowd really makes this match. They were so hot, that when things started to really turn around, they were completely in awe. Saturn’s timing is great, the middle rope turning leg drop was classic Saturn. This was NOT a burial, and I loved it.

9. Bill Goldberg Vs. Raven from WCW Nitro April 1998

The night before at Spring Stampede 1998, you’ll find that Raven took on DDP in one of the best U.S Title matches in the world. The night after, Raven was put in against Bill Goldberg. In this match, Raven tried to leave the match completely, and was pushed back into the ring by the fans! Goldberg and Raven put on a show, even if the match was somewhat short. The crowd was going insane, the Flock came in to interfere, and Goldberg managed to win the United States Championship, and rock the WCW even more. The crowd goes absolutely nuts here, and the match was one of the highlights of Nitro for me, ever!

8. Goldberg vs. Kevin Nash Starrcade 1998

This was not a burial. You have to remember that leading up to this match, Goldberg was starting to get booed. People were getting tired of his nonstop super hero persona. Nash booked himself to win, but not clean. It wasn’t clean at all. They threw the sink at Goldberg and it was Scot Hall with a tazer that caused Goldberg to lose the title, and it was great if you ask me. The crowd went nuts for the whole thing, and the next month, Goldberg and Hall put on a show for sure. This was a good one, not a great one, but good enough for this list.

7. Goldberg vs. Bret Hart WCW Starrcade 1999

Despite what people say about Hart’s concussion, if you look at the match, it wasn’t like a Ghetto Blaster or anything. Goldberg went for a standard savat kick, and Hart didn’t catch it. I firmly put the blame on the size of the WCW rings. If this match happened in WWE, Goldberg would have more room to throw that kick, and Hart wouldn’t have taken it off the corner of the head like he did. Furthermore, just a half step slower and the kick could’ve been ducked and Hart could’ve chop blocked Bill onto his back. Whatever the case is, this was a good match leading to the ending, which was weird. I loved this one, and had the VHS copy, and this match still holds up well for me.

6. Goldberg vs. The Rock WWE Backlash 2003

Goldberg showed up and immediately feuded with the returning Rock. The Rock and Goldberg did a good job putting on a match for WWE Backlash 2003. I was excited, and the rest of the WWE universe was excited too. This was a great showcase of fast paced wrestling, and psychology used by the Rock. Then again, a paper bag would look great against the Rock, right? Good match, and great way to introduce Goldberg to WWE.

5. Goldberg vs. Triple H WWE Unforgiven 2003

Goldberg and Triple H in a single match? Yep. Not only did this match go longer than most of the matches on this list, it was perhaps one of the harder hitting matches that Triple has been in. Triple H knew how to make Goldberg look strong, and therefore he was thrown through a lot of big power moves, similar to when he fought Steiner and got suplexed a million times. This was a better paced, faster moving match, and Goldberg wasn’t made to look weak. Triple H introduced the Sledgehammer, Jim Ross made this match sound so great as well. Triple H was busted open, the crowd went nuts for the finish, and it was a good overall match if you ask me. Triple H really led Goldberg to one hell of a world heavyweight title match. Jim Ross’s calls made this even better, great stuff folks.

4. Goldberg Vs. Scott Steiner WCW Fall Brawl 2000

When I first heard about this, I was surprised. I ended up watching it and was delighted by the way that this match went. Scott Steiner and Goldberg beat the holy hell out of each other in one of the stiffest matches that I’ve seen. This was stiff, it had a lot of hard shots, and Steiner and Goldberg both gave it as much as they took, and they didn’t back down. Steiner’s end WCW run was definitely one of the highlights for me, as he was made to look like a serious monster, and he took out some seriously credible dudes. This wasn’t a bad match, and I think it was a highlight on the show.

3. Bill Goldberg vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan for the WCW World Title July 1998

Regardless of whether or not you think that this was a mistake to put it on free tv, this was one hell of a match. Goldberg wasn’t just going to roll through Hogan. Hogan got a lot of back and forth here. He even hit the leg drop, and was all over the challenger. You have to remember that DDP, Hennig, and Karl Malone were a distraction for Hogan on the outside. But the place went absolutely insane when he picked up Hogan for the jackhammer and won the world title. You haven’t seen an explosion quite like this one, even in WWF. The crowd was absolutely insane, and the match was really good to watch. I miss the era where the fans would throw crap into the ring. This really made Goldberg amazing in my book.

2. Bill Goldberg vs. Scott Hall (Stun Gun Match) Souled Out January 1999

This was not a squash. I thought it was going to be. You have to remember that just 1 month ago, WCW Starrcade 1998 led to Goldberg’s first major loss against Kevin Nash. You have to remember that in this match, Goldberg had a bad wheel, with a knee brace on. Scott Hall targeted the knee, and this match lasted quite a bit for the main event. Even so, there was a lot of back and forth, with Goldberg selling the left leg quite well at times, and then sucking it up to do power moves. Hall was a psychological beast in this match, and it led to one hell of a finish. There was a blood, there was interference from none other than The Disco Inferno! Scott Hall was climbing up the ladder at one point and the crowd was going nuts because he got the Stun Gun, but that is not how you won this one, you had to zap your opponent. The best part about this match was how the finish occurred. Goldberg threw the Stun Gun (stick) into the air, and hit Scott Hall with a huge spear, and eventually won this match. You have to hear the crowd erupt when he finally hits Hall, the guy that cost him the title, with the spear and the stun gun! Holy crap, this was good. After the match Bam Bam Bigelow showed up to set up the next feud, but this match was a lot better than people remember.

1. Goldberg vs. DDP Halloween Havoc 1998

What can I say that hasn’t already been said about this match? This is one of the best matches that Goldberg has ever had, and even though they did it again a year later, this is the one that really had people believing that anything was possible. DDP nearly had Goldberg beat, and the crowd was all over the place. I know the original broadcast went over, but I had the VHS tape and it’s on the WWE Network. You’re going to be stunned by how good this match is, and it definitely had the fans completely split at how good this one was. The whole event was great, to be honest.

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