Friday, November 18, 2016

WWE Survivor Series 2016 Predictions

This weekend the WWE will be in Canada, where I wanted to be, and will be putting on a showcase of the immortals, aka The Survivor Series. I miss the old Thanksgiving eve or even Thanksgiving day tradition. I loved the old showcase, and with this Raw vs Smackdown thing, I’m not as excited. However, I am going to cheer, eat pizza, and drink beer like I always do. And well, here we go, a great time to predict what is going to happen, and here we go.

WWE Survivor Series 2016 Predictions

Brock Lesnar defeats Bill Goldberg

I have no idea why the WWE would let Goldberg come back only to win and then go away. I’m going to say that he pulls off the big win here. Goldberg doesn’t get humbled like Randy Orton, but instead, he goes in and puts on about 5 minutes of offense, then starts to lose it. Look for Lesnar to take Goldberg to Suplex City, and win this match clean, and that’s that.

WWE Team Raw defeats Team Smackdown

Look, I like the teams fair enough, but they don’t make sense. If you go back to the original Survivor Series matches, they never put together teams that were at odds. It was bad guys versus the good guys, and you had dream matches in the middle. There are no dream matches here, these guys are just thrown together for a pride that makes no sense to me. I expect Ellsworth to get beat down, I expect Raw to get the win, and above all else, Roman Reigns is going to look strong no matter what.

WWE Tag Team Raw defeats Team Smackdown

Did we already forget that The Usos tried to break the legs of American Alpha? Did we already forget that 4 of the guys are part of the jobber squad? On Raw, you have far better participants, and of course with the New Day needing to look strong, watch out for them to win this one, and get the win.

Kalisto defeats The Brian Kendrick

Why would Kendrick need to give any sort of pep talk? Seriously. Nothing changes for the cruiserweights except that they get moved from one show to another show, and well better announcers. I’m going to say that Kalisto wins this one, and the whole roster moves to Smackdown and Kendrick wins the belt back in a triple threat match which involves Kalisto botching moves, Tj Perkins getting no reaction, and Kendrick getting that 37 year old swagger win.

The MIz defeats Sam Zayn

Sami Zayn needs a title, he’s floundering on Raw, Stephanie McMahon seems to hate him, and well he should go to Smackdown. Look for The Miz to beat Zayn, get fired from Raw, only to have a rematch on Smackdown to win the title. The Miz is going to get booed out of the building, since Zayn is from Canada. This will be a good match, but expect Zayn to go down in flames.

The Smackdown Women defeat The Raw Women

In another showcase, I am going to go with the Smackdown women getting the big win here. I am going to say that they are the underdog, but that’s not really true. I just think that they are going to want to make John Cena’s girlfriend look strong, and well, she’s going to win. I think this should be an interesting match, and well it’s going to be good.

That’s my take on this weekends showcase. I think that it will be a good show, although it won’t lead to much more in terms of story line, unless people purposely walk away and leave their team. I don’t get this pride thing, but hey that’s just me. If you got picks, drop me a line, otherwise, watch the show, drink some Steveweiser and enjoy!

Wild Card Predictions

Don’t be surprised if The Club Sandwich boys turn on the rest of their team.

Don’t be surprised if someone gets injured on the Smackdown team, requiring the Undertaker to take his place.

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