Thursday, December 14, 2017

WWE 205 Live Results and Review December 12, 2017 The Enzo Show Continues

WWE 205 Live Is Tired - SRC WWE Dot Com 
I swear there’s more people in the Cruiserweight Classic than the WWE signed, and that’s obvious. But the shows that 205 Live keeps putting out seem to have a very specific amount of characters and it’s somewhat boring at times. Case in point tonight, another boring show with the same cast, and well, I saw it and I’ll review it.

WWE 205 Live Results and Review December 12, 2017 Results and Review

Cedric Alexander defeated Ariya Daivari

This wasn’t half bad, as I enjoy watching Cedric Alexander work. Ariya Daivari was selling bruised ribs. Drew Gulak was outside the ring with a megaphone telling Daivari what to do, but it wasn’t enough, Alexander would win big.

Kalisto defeated Jack Gallagher

This was a wasted match, Kalisto won but most of the match was Jack Gallagher beating down Kalisto. After he won, The Brian Kendrick showed up to beat up Kalisto but that prompted Gran Metalik to come out and beat up the bad guys. Not a good match at all, but hey maybe we’ll get a tag team match.

Tony Nese defeated Enzo Amore via DQ

This was awful. Just awful. Enzo jib jabbed and then got disqualified when the Zo Train attacked Nese. Then the guys forced Gulak to come in and beat up Nese, and that was that. Nothing big here, just a beat down.

This was a wasted hour of action, simple as that.

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