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ECW Hardcore Heaven 1995 Results and Review A Better VHS Experience

It took me a long time to finish this one. I couldn’t just power through it, but I wanted to make sure that I started reviewing all the ECW events I could get my hands on. Now, I owned the original releases from RF video and from boot legs that I traded for. ECW Hardcore Heaven 1995 is an event that featured great wrestling, some hardcore, and some not so hardcore elements. If you see this on WWE Network, you will NOT get the real crowd reaction nor will you get the music. It’s heavily edited. I recommend picking up the original release by clicking here, or the dvd option here.

This event occurred on July 1, 1995 and had 1,150 people in attendance at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was a super card, and was NOT on pay per view.

ECW Hardcore Heaven 1995 Results and Review

The Dudley Brothers defeated The Pitbulls

This wasn’t the Dudleys that you remember today. This was the initial introduction and they weren’t really good. The Pitbulls were massive, over, and put the boots to the Dudleys in this one. However, the two exchanged brawling elements before the Dudley’s number game caught up with the Pitbulls. Not a great match, but definitely an interesting starter.

Dino Sendoff and Don E vs. Chad Austin and The Broad Street Bully (no contest)

The crowd was really letting these guys have it, until 911 showed up and choke slammed everyone to oblivion.

Hack Meyers defeated Big Malley

A forgettable match, nothing special here.

2 Cold Scorpio defeated Taz

Taz looked great here. His suplexes are so crisp, great work from him. Scorpio picked up the win, and I can’t help but remember Flash Funk and how the WWE really missed the boat with him. Scorpio picked up the win with high flying moves that predate a lot of the style that you see today. Taz, wow, dude just has such quick suplexes, this wasn’t a classic, but it was definitely a good match.

Raven and Stevie Richards defeated Tommy Dreamer and Luna Vachon

This was a fun match to watch. Luna Vachon is underrated in my book. Dreamer got a ton of offense, but would eventually cave to Raven and Richards. The Pitbulls made an appearance here, and it was just a brawl throughout the match before Raven and Richards got the win.

Axl Rotten defeated Ian Rotten (Taipei Death match)

This was just a brawl. The gimmick is that each participants hands were wrapped in tape and glass. It was brutal, but Axl Rotten would win. Not a good match folks. It was just blood and guts. ECW trademarks, I guess.

The Sandman defeated Cactus Jack (ECW World Championship Match)

Cactus came out with his arm wrapped in barbed wire. Sandman came out drinking and with Woman (Nancy Benoit). This match was nothing short of a cluster of missed time wrestling moves, and brawling. Sandman is not a technical great, and Cactus carried him through 13 watchable minutes of what you may call a wrestling match. Lots of cane shots, lots of barbed wire, lots of blood, and the classic Cactus Jack spots.

The Public Enemy defeated The Gangstas

This was a brawl with weapons. Overall, nothing grand, unless you really liked these two teams. People went through tables, lots of hard hits to the head with weapons, and eventually The Gangstas go down in a heap. The fans jumped in the ring and celebrated with Public Enemy to send everyone home happy.

Overall, this show wasn’t half bad. It’s not a great one, but it’s not a terrible match. If you liked WWE’s hardcore division or WCW’s hardcore title, then this is for you. It’s a cluster of violence, with a ton of plunder, and no real psychology. It’s a fun watch, but nothing that great. The post match celebration was memorable.

Overall Rating 5 out of 10

That’s it for ECW’s Hardcore Heaven 1995. While the WWE Network version is fine, I highly recommend getting the UNEDITED version. It's rare, out of print and hard to find. That has the original music, the original full length matches, uncensored commentary and more. It’s just better. Until next time, this has been another review of a classic card, from the VHS days.

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