Monday, December 10, 2007

WWE's Favorite Band In The Whole World

If you remember your Wrestlemania history, you'll recall that Wrestlemania 19 was held at Safeco field in Seattle, Wa. They packed that place to the rafters with wrestling fans on the notions that you would see The Rock vs. Stonecold, McMahon vs. Hogan, and many others that were scheduled to wrestle that night. It would prove to be an electric night of wrestling.

But for those of you that don't remember the ppv, and aren't fortunate enough to have the double disc dvd set, you'll be hard pressed to remember that in the event the announcer said the following words:

"And for a special performance, the WWE's Favorite Band In The Whole Wide World...Limp Bizkit!"

And the band played a new song for the crowd that was cheering like crazy.

That was at the beginning of the show.

Then later on in the show, during the Undertaker's theme music, the boys in the Bizkit played the Undertaker's theme live and the Deadman gave Fred Durst a hug as if they were "cool" and were "friends" prompting me to wonder how low the WWE had gotten.

Is the WWE still fans of Limp Bizkit? If they drop a new album will WWE oblige in promoting them once again?

I think only time will tell. But for now, I'm going to be laughing everytime I watch Wrestlemania 19 again.

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