Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Umaga is A Threat?

Umaga sucks.


But more than just a bad and horrible wrestler at this point, he is the focus of my question of the week. Y2J is coming out and he pics a great opponent for Orton, HBK, but Orton picks Umaga for Y2J to face. Sure he has never faced him before, but Umaga isn't even good at this point anymore. Umaga has been losing to all the faces since Wrestlemania, and he's no longer a legitimate threat to the faces.

Can we write Umaga off the show now? Or repackage him as a legit threat?

Y2J looked crsip last night, and Umaga did pull his own weight, but I was not liking the match up and felt Y2J should have been challenged. But that's alright, because we saw an Orton RKO!

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