Thursday, December 6, 2007

Did Samoa Joe Shoot?

Everyone is discussing this hot topic and after hearing the comments that Samoa Joe made at the Turning Point ppv, I'm wondering myself; Did Samoa Joe shoot?

I don't know.

His comments were basically what every fan of TNA has been thinking for a long time.

The notion that the older, has beens from WCW and WWE glory are coming into TNA and thinking they could just do whatever they want without any sort of problems is ludicrous. Not only that, this comes in light of the fact that Scott Hall no showed.

From what I have heard, this also caused some problems back stage after Samoa Joe's rant went on.

In the back, they had a meeting, in which TNA management gathered all the wrestlers contracts and basically said that anyone that was not happy with the direction of TNA could speak up and they would void their contract on the spot.

Who left?


And everyone else stood there and shut their mouths.

Samoa Joe shooting seems like a low tactic by TNA to drum up controversy, in the same fashion that WCW did post 2000 and a major factor in how WCW fell and was eventually bought out by Vince McMahon.

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