Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Worst Return Ever

Chris Jericho's return is now officially the worst return in a very long time.

Y2J was supposed to come and make a big splash, but reports are coming in that Orton will go over Jericho at Armageddon and from what it looks like on Raw, Jericho just isn't that good.

I'm sure he's just going to do whatever WWE says. Orton is getting the monster push and him having the title is just ridiculous. He's not a good champion...For all the hype that Chris Jericho got on his return and the magazine cover, he is truly not shocking.

His first return was in fact incredible though. Interrupting The Rock, was great and the reaction that he received was deafening. However, his return was the worst kept secret in Wrestling, and now he's mediocre, and I'm waiting for something or someone else to come back and save us...because Y2J isn't doing well.

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