Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Vampiro Joins The Police Force

Just when you thought you heard it all, this piece of news hits you hard. Vampiro has joined the Mexican fight against crime. Crime is in fact out of control in Mexico and while they are in dire need of law enforcement, I don't know if Vampiro is the guy that's going to save the country from villains.

This seems like it would be out of a comic book of sorts, but I kid you not, Vampiro is joining the Guardian Angel's group in Mexico to combat crime. The guardian angels didn't work in the United States, they are not going to work in the meaner and more desperate streets of Mexico.

However, if Vampire dresses like his Lucha Libre persona, then maybe he can unleash some major punishment, including the Nail in the Coffin. (the michinoku driver)

This is laughable, but it is in fact news, and you can read the news bit Here.

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