Thursday, January 22, 2009

Andre the Giant vs. Jake The Snake Roberts 1988

As a new thing for every Thursday, and off days, I will be posting videos and commentary about the world of wrestling. Today I have a good clip for you, at least for nostalgia's sake. We go back in time to when the WWE was known as the WWF and they had shining stars like Jake The Snake Robers and Andre The Giant. These two men wrestled several times through out the years, and my fondest memory of the two was when they wrestled at Wrestlemania V at Trump Plaza! Of course the main event that year was The Mega Powers exploding, and having Macho Man Randy Savage Wrestle Hulk Hogan for the world heavyweight championship!

Andre The Giant with Bobby Heenan in his corner takes on Jake The Snake Roberts with Damien at the Philadelphia Spectrum from way back in 1988. Enjoy the first of many videos and comments that I'll be posting.

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