Friday, January 16, 2009

WWE Smackdown 1/16/09 Review and Results

The show started with Vickie Guerrero in the ring, and then Triple H came out to do his comedy angle. Triple H then tries to return Vickie Guerrero’s nude photos. Then he showcases the photos upon the titantron, but of course they were censored…because no one wants to see those uncensored would they? Gross.

Finlay & Matt Hardy defeated Jack Swagger & Mark Henry

ECW was definitely a plus this week, and already Jack Swagger is on Smackdown! Good for Swagger, hopefully the WWE can help him with his mic skills as that’s the only thing I can’t really stand from him. Matt Hardy is still way over with the crowd! This match was good, not great, but good enough for an opening match on Smackdown. The match was standard, and had come to an end with Matt Hardy pinning Jack Swagger after the Twist of Fate! This match was fast paced after the commercial break, and wasn’t half bad. Apparently they signed Matt Hardy to face Jack Swagger at the Royal Rumble!

R Truth defeated The Brian Kendrick

Wow, Kendrick has been on a major losing streak lately. Impressive was Truth in this match though, he is lightning fast and I was impressed for once. Kendrick didn’t get a whole lot of offense in, he did get a few things, but he couldn’t get up from the spinning heel kick of R Truth. Truth was great out there, the crowd was way into him, which was weird. The crowd was red hot for everything that Truth did, which was rad. Kendrick however is on the decline, what is to become of him? Who knows.

MVP defeated The Big Show in a Last Man Standing match

The Big Show had his hands full against The Big Show in a last man standing match. To make things interesting, Triple H would be the won that had something big invested into this match up. Triple H would lose his Royal Rumble spot if MVP did not beat The Big Show! MVP put up an initial fight, but this thing looked to be heavily one sided as Big Show stalked MVP and really put some stiff shots on him. I wasn’t sure who to root for in this one, because MVP was on a losing streak and I want him to stay that way for now, but at the same time I don’t want to see Triple H out of the Rumble, or do I? MVP was getting annihilated by The Big Show, and only a couple of flurries would assist MVP in this match up. This match was going straight to the top of the ramp, and Triple H came guns a blazing with a sledgehammer and knocked Big Show out completely! MVP then stood up and Big Show was out cold! MVP WINS! FINALLY MVP WINS!

Word on the street was that Victoria’s last match was this one, and if so, man it’s going to suck to not see Victoria wrestling. She’s on of the few divas that I actually liked because she could actually wrestle! Too bad the WWE doesn’t like her that much.

Michelle McCool defeated Victoria

What a piece of crap way to go out. Victoria put on a valiant effort but was overcome by McCool’s onslaught. McCool focused on the leg of Victoria and it was terrible. This match wasn’t that great, standard divas match, last time we’ll see Victoria in wwe, dangit. No further comment, the wwe divas suck.

Vickie signs up Triple H to wrestle Vladimir Kozlov for next week!

hardy in flames

Jeff Hardy never made it to the Cutting Edge. He was involved in a “work” pyrotechnics accident.

This was probably the worst episode of Smackdown in a long time.

WWE Smackdown 1/16/09 Results

Finlay & Matt Hardy defeated Jack Swagger & Mark Henry
R Truth defeated The Brian Kendrick
MVP defeated The Big Show in a Last Man Standing match
Michelle McCool defeated Victoria

Oh and for those of you that really believe Jeff Hardy is injured...check out this entrance from 2003 featuring none other than Bill Goldberg.

He didn't seem to have a problem with the pyro, even though he was in the exact same position as Hardy! WWE thinks we're dumb. I hate that.

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