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WWE Royal Rumble 2009 Results and Review Who Won The Rumble

Here we go, the first ppv from the Wwe this year and it is the fantastic event known as The Royal Rumble! What would go down and how would it go down? That’s all I could think about, and here is how it all occurred! Live from Detroit, Michigan

Jack Swagger defeated Matt Hardy

The show opened up with the ECW championship title. The crowd was definitely behind Matt Hardy in this one, but I didn’t think he would win this one. If you’re online a lot you might have read rumors that Hardy might be involved with Jeff Hardy’s misfortune. This match started a little slow, and it wasn’t anything insane to start with. Just a standard set up, which usually preludes a great second half of the match up. Hardy got a good position towards the middle of the match up, and created an interesting problem for Swagger. Hardy, however, couldn’t hold Swagger at bay too long and the All American American was showing that he wasn’t just a flash in the pan. Hardy hit a moonsault and I thought it was going to be all over, but it wasn’t, Swagger kicked out after a two count and that sucked the life out of the crowd, if only for a few minutes. Swagger hit the gut wrench suplex on Matt Hardy for the second win! Jack Swagger defeated Matt hardy yet again! Hardy loses to Jack Swagger!

Melina defeated Beth Phoenix for the Women’s Championship

Beth Phoenix looked to be the aggressor in this match up. She had Melina crawling towards the rope, early on in the match up, and really look dominant. If you missed it, Beth was hitting Melina’s head with her own foot! It was an odd, flexible attack, that you had to see to believe. The nd of this match came out of nowhere, when Beth Phoenix let her guard down for Melina to hit her with a roll up! Yep, a roll up! Lame. Phoenix spent most of the match working over Melina, only to lose the belt. Stupid.

John Cena defeated JBL

I don’t necessarily like John Cena, but JBl as champion? Come on! Cena was getting worked early on and Shawn Michaels looked like he was going to get involved in several times during the match, but stayed away for the most part. JBL looked good for once, and it was interesting to see him actually be good for once. I usually don’t like JBL but he was good overall in this match up! Weird, seriously, weird, he was the aggressor in this match up and John Cena was having a hard time keeping up with him initially. Cena mounted a huge comeback and was seriously pissed off at Shawn Michaels at some points during this match up. Michaels was being very subtle in his presence. JBL hit the CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL and John Cena managed to barely get a shoulder up during the two count. Shawn Michaels got in the ring during the ref bump, and was setting up Sweet chin music! He hit JBL hard in the face with the sweet chin music, nearly knocking JBL’s head off! Cena then had his back turned, and didn’t turn around for a while. HBK stood there and then hit John Cena with sweet chin music too! That’s righ, HBK hit both JBL and Cena with the sweet chin music! The crowd was a mix of boos and cheers, as people were in complete disbelief. JBL then was dragged by HBK on top of John Cena! A ref ran down for a TWO COUNT! The crowd erupted, I was rolling around, hoping for a victory soon, the match was getting really good! John Cena got the win though, and did you really think JBL would? Cena retains the title, surprise, surprise.

Edge defeated Jeff Hardy to win the WWE Championship

This match was held under No Disqualification rules. Edge has really done a great thing coming back at full force. He did a lot of good in this match up. Hardy tried his absolute best to keep Edge at bay, but Edge just kept coming back with more offense and more fight. Edge was on point in this match up and it was nice to see. Hardy, even with his many hits and misses, was able to get Edge floored several times. I also must note that Jeff Hardy came out with “el muerto” like face paint. Once the twist of fate hit on the apron, things got really out good. Hardy set up a ladder, Edge propped on a table, and Chavo tried to help stop the fall, and did. Hardy then pounced on Chavo, then threw him into the steel steps. He then propped Chavo onto a table and climbed the ladder! Hardy slipped on the ladder, and fell face first into Chavo breaking the table and practically killing Chavo. The match then got back into focus in the middle of the ring and Jeff Hardy tried to be the aggressor for a change. One thing I noticed in the closing moments of this match up was, that no one ever gets pinned after the Whisper in the Wind. Edge hit the impaler ddt on Hardy, and I thought it was all over! Hardy hit a facebuster suplex, then went to the top yet again but couldn’t finish off Edge. Hardy reversed the spear into the Twist of Fate! Vickie Guerrero came out and tried to help Edge, but it was to no avail. Hardy hit the swanton bomb! Vickie then pulled the ref! Matt Hardy then ran down and pushed Vickie into the ring! Matt then gave Jeff a Chair and told him to hit Edge! Matt then hit Jeff Hardy in the head with the steel chair! That’s right, MATT HARDY TURNED ON JEFF WITH A STEEL CHAIR TO THE HEAD! I kid you not! Matt Hardy helped Edge win the WWE Championship! MATT HARDY TURNED ON JEFF HARDY! Hardy lost the title after a major head shot to the face by Matt Hardy! The crowd was speechless.

Randy Orton won the 2009 Royal Rumble

***Note*** I can’t keep track of all the Entrants in the rumble, and can’t possibly give you the best review ever. But what I can do is two things. First and foremost the winner, I will give you the winner. Second, I will try to tell you the highlights including the number one and number 2 guy, and I will also give it my best shot to follow up with a proper review. Enjoy.

Rey Mysterio drew the number 1 pick. He was the number one entrant into the rumble.
John Morrison drew the Number 2 pick, and wasthe second entrant into the rumble.
Carlito Colon drew the number 3 pick, and was the third entrant into the rumble.
MVP drew the number 4 pick, and was fourth into the rumble.
The Great Khali drew the number 5 pick, and was fifth into the rumble.
Vladimir Kozlov drew the number 6 pick, and was sixth into the rumble.
Triple H drew the number 7 pick, and was seventh into the rumble.
Randy Orton drew number 8.
JTG drew number 9.
Ted Dibiase Jr. drew number 10.
Chris Jericho drew number 11.
Mike Knox drew number 12, his beard was number 12 and a half.
The Miz drew number 13, and his ego was 13 and a half.
Finlay drew number 14.
Cody Rhodes drew number 15.
The Undertaker drew number16.
Goldust drew number 17.
CM Punk drew number 18.
Mark Henry drew number 19.
Shelton Benjamin drew number 20.
William Regal drew number 21.
Kofi Kingston drew number 22.
Kane drew number 23.
R Truth drew number 24.
Rob Van Dam DREW NUMBER 25.
The Brian Kendrick drew number 26.
Dolph Ziggler drew number 27.
Santino drew number 28.
Jim Duggan drew number 29.
The Big Show drew number 30.

From this point further, I will be giving highlights to the rumble match, not play by play review.

Carlito looked amazing when he came into the match up. He was a house of fire, and he was making good on all of his high spots. MVP’s entry was great, the crowd was actually behind him. He thwarted a lot of god moves in the ring, only to get sucker punched by Carlito, but man, MVP was great in there. The great Khali came out and man, he was proving yet again that big men have an advantage in the royal rumble. Kozlov eliminated Khali right away, and then started working everyone in the ring at the time! Triple H stared down Kozlov when he came in and business was definitely about to pick up. The two men took center stage in this match up. Triple H eliminated Kozlov minutes after entering the rumble! I was surprised to see Randy Orton in the ring so soon. He immediately hit Triple H, creating an interesting fan reaction. I haven’t heard a crowd this hot for a Royal Rumble match since my favorite rumble, 1992. Chris Jericho’s entrance was great. He was cleaning house, dropping high spot after high spot, until Triple H met him, but that only prompted the Walls of Jericho! Then it got quiet again. No major eliminations to speak of. At about thirteen people in, we got the Miz attacking Triple H and winning? Weird. Just like the Diamond Cutter of old, we saw like eight RKO’s in this match up. Triple H hit the pedigree though to change things up. The Undertaker came charging through this math up, and started throwing people out left and right. Goldust came out and I was rooting for him! I wanted Goldust to win this one, or at least come back through for a change. He started to fight Cody Rhodes and nearly eliminated him! I hope we et a Cody Rhodes – Goldust feud sooner than later. Cody Rhodes eliminated Goldust. Triple H took the GTS! INSANE! THE GTS ON TRIPLE H! I was rooting like crazy for that one. Kofi Kingston hit like a trillion dropkicks. He was definitely looking fresh out there. It should be noted that Rey Mysterio was still in this match at this point. The Brothers of Destruction had a reunion of sorts and were hurting a bunch of people! ROB VAN DAM RETURNED! RVD RETURNED! RVD came in at this point, this is NOT a joke, RVD! Rob VAN DAM ROB VAN DAM! I kid you not, this was awesome, RVD came in with some educated feet and was not showing any ring rust at all! RVD, one leg went to Harvard the other went to Yale! RVD! Dolph Ziggler came and went, but not before introducing himself to Kane. Santino came in and was thrown out just as fast by Kane. Hilarious! Santino claimed that he wasn’t ready. Hacksaw Jim Duggan drew number 29 and the USA chants were amazing. He actually got some great offense in against Kane and the Undertaker. It looked amazing, and while Duggan hasn’t aged all that well, it was the feel good entry of this years Royal Rumble. I thought for sure that Christian Cage was going to be the number 30 entry in this year’s Royal Rumble, however, it just didn’t happen. It really didn’t happen, as Big Show was the number 30 entrant, and I was disappointed. I was really hoping to see Christian Cage make his debut in the Rumble. So that was it…30 men had entered and now it was just a matter of playing the waiting game. Hornswoggle showed up, and started biting Kane. Mysterio and Knox were eliminated at the same time. Finlay got tossed out, and things were not looking good for my pick for the winner. We got to see a Five Star Frog Splash! But then Chris Jericho threw him out, which prompted Undertaker to try and take out Jericho. Jericho hit the codebreaker, the Undertaker was reeling and Jericho ran after him, but BOOOM! Undertaker eliminates Chris Jericho! The Undertaker hit the chokeslam on every single member of priceless, including Orton. The most overused method to keep from getting eliminated was that old Shawn Michaels move! Everyone, including the Big Show was holding onto the top rope and not letting their feet touch. The final four people in this match were Orton, Cody Rhodes, Triple H, and Ted Dibiase Jr! That’s right, you read that right. Undertaker was pulled out by Big show, and it left a three on one handicap ending for the rumble! The final two were Triple H and Randy Orton, and after the smoke cleared Randy Orton won the royal rumble!

WWE Royal Rumble 2009 Results

Jack Swagger defeated Matt Hardy to retain the ECW championship
Melina defeated Beth Phoenix for the Women’s Championship
John Cena defeated JBL
Edge defeated Jeff Hardy to win the WWE Championship
Randy Orton won the 2009 Royal Rumble

Good stuff from the Royal Rumble 2009. Not much else I can say, you're probably tired of reading all this.

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