Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ECW 1/27/09 Results and Review Matt Hardy Released

Theodore Long came out to inform everyone on ECW that Matt Hardy is now officially off the ECW roster and is now on Smackdown permanently. That’s fine with me. Jack Swagger came out and wanted to celebrate his new reign, and announced that this night would feature the celebration for the new ECW champion, and you know what? It’s about time that we had an undefeated champion on WWE programming.

The Boogeyman came out from under the ring and scared Jack Swagger away!

The Boogeyman defeated Ricky Ortiz via countout

I’m not sure what happened here. Ricky Ortiz was thrown out of the ring by The Boogeyman just stayed in the ring and looked scary; what a sorry excuse for a match. This was the dumbest match or attempt at a match ever.

Finlay defeated Paul Burchill

This match was a hard hitting brawl style match up. It featured a lot of hard shots between Burchill and Finlay, but didn’t really prove to be all that great overall. Horswoggle distracted Katie Lea for a short break in the action, and after that it was all Finlay. Too bad they never went anywhere with that whole Pirate Paul gimmick. Finlay hit his finisher, and Paul lost yet another match up. Nothing too great here, just another match up for Paul to lose; How long before Paul gets fired? I think it’s going to be sooner than later.

Mark Henry defeated Tommy Dreamer

This was a hard hitting match in which Tommy Dreamer proved yet again that he needs to retire. I’ve been rooting for Tommy Dreamer to retire for a long time now, and for whatever reasons the WWE still finds it in their heart to keep him employed. However, they make him lose these hard fought battles with nothing more than whimper to end it all. This match was heavily one sided, Dreamer gave everything he had, but Mark Henry caught Tommy Dreamer in mid air and dropped him with the world’s strongest slam and pinned Tommy Dreamer yet again! That’s right, Mark Henry defeats a dead fish called Tommy Dreamer.

Ecw on sci-fi 1/27/09 Results and Review

The Boogeyman defeated Ricky Ortiz via countout
Finlay defeated Paul Burchill
Mark Henry defeated Tommy Dreamer

Jack Swagger losing his belt was boring to me. I like Swagger, but he needs to stop with the lisp. Someone get the kid a speech coach and get a professional linguist to help him out a little bit. Overall, not the worse night in wrestling, but also not the best night in wrestling; ECW on sci-fi still has a lot in an hour show, which is a good thing in a bloated wwe marketplace.

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