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WWE Monday Night Raw 10/19/09 Results and Review Snoop Dogg in the House

WWE Monday Night Raw 10/19/09 Results

Mark Henry, The Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Cody Rhodes, and Jack Swagger defeated some idiot, Primo, Chavo Guerrero,Evan Bourne, and Chris Masters
Randy Orton defeated Ted Dibiase Jr.
Triple H defeated John Cena
The Miz defeated Marty Janetty
Melina defeated Jillian
Chris Jericho vs Triple H no contest

WWE Monday Night Raw 10/19/09 Review

Snoop Dogg showed up in a pink Cadillac with none other than the biggest waste of diva talent, the Bella Twins and some other random chick. Snoop Dogg introduced Degeneration X and the two made fun of themselves as white guys by trying to speak like Snoop Dogg. Then they started bragging about random crap, and how they are going to mop up at Bragging Rights. You know, the usual promo. They then move forward to introduce team Raw and they come out to major fan fare. Which is odd, right?

Well, the Team for Raw has three major Heels. That’s the weird thing. Just take note next time you see them lined up. The team ate up a lot of time arguing with each other, and triple H was trying to be deadpool by breaking the fourth wall, and randomly making jokes for the smarks.

Mark Henry, The Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Cody Rhodes, and Jack Swagger defeated some idiot, Primo, Chavo Guerrero,Evan Bourne, and Chris Masters

Overall this match was your standard ten man tag team fare. Each team had a short while to strut their stuff, hit their moves, then tag the next guy. I’ve always liked this type of match, especially in the old “Best of the WWF” tapes that I used to get. This was a one pinfall match up, and the most disappointing thing about this one was that it was very short. Cody Rhodes had this thing won, but Jack Swagger hit a blind tag and got a pinfall win, after about five or six minutes of wrestling.

Post match, the Raw team fought each other until Big Show was last man standing.

Randy Orton defeated Ted Dibiase Jr.

Randy Orton wrestled Randy Orton and early on didn’t give offense. Orton told Dibiase backstage that he was not to fight back and just take a beating. So Orton started this match swiftly pummeling Dibiase, and pummeling him with rights and lefts, yelling at him, while Dibiase just took it like a little wuss.

Then Orton pushed Dibiase into the ropes, and it looked like Ted Dibiase was finally going to fight back! But it was short lived…at least in the early goings, as the two stared each other down. Orton hit the RKO and it was over. Ted Dibiase got punked out like a little girl, this was sad. Say goodnight to Ted Dibiase’s dignity. He’s done.

Triple H defeated John Cena

Triple H is in Degeneration X, yet he still comes out to his Motorhead music…seems odd to me. The match started out a little slow, but it turned around a little with Cena and Triple H exchanging moments of highlight. Triple H quickly reversed Cena’s attempts at taking control, and John Cena kept hanging in there when Triple H would try to hit anything major. So the match boiled down to a minor stalemate with a lot of rest holds, and Irish Whips into the turnbuckles, not too unlike playing a game of the classic Nintendo 64 wrestling video games. Triple H seriously hit about six Irish Whips into the corner, but when he went for the pedigree, Cena turned things around…right into the commercial break. John Cena got a second wind and got Triple H into the STF, but Cena kept applying pressure until Triple H got out through a rope break and hit the Pedigree! Cena got a foot on the rope and once again we get to go to commercial break. Triple H was in major trouble after the second break, Cena hit the five knuckle shuffle and was ready for the Attitude Adjustment, but Triple H weaseled his way out and hit his combination of spine buster, high knee and pedigree! It wasn’t enough as Cena kicked out then hit the Attitude Adjustment! Triple H barely kicked out of that one, and we were once again at a stale mate. Once again things turned in favor of Triple H and he hit another Pedigree, this time pinning John Cena clean…proving one more time that NO ONE GOES OVER TRIPLE H, Cena just lost all credibility going into the ppv. This match should’ve ended with a draw or interference.

The Miz defeated Marty Jannetty

The Miz fought one half of the old tag team, The Rockers. The Miz though, wasn’t phased too much. The Miz was hitting hard, and trying to prove that he’s not just a smack talker, but that he can back it up. The Miz hit the skullcrushing finale, and that was that. This match was lame overall. This was a good piece of nostalgia, if that, well…not really.

Melina defeated Jillian

Melina tripped walking up the ringside steps! Hilarious to say the least. This match was not really up my alley, I didn’t really care for it, because the divas suck. This match was short lived to say the least. It was a fast match with Melina winning easily.

Post match Hornswoggle came down to ringside and got shoved by Chavo. Snoop Dogg came down to challenge Chavo, and Chavo kept asking for it, so Snoop Dogg threw him down with a little help from Hornswoggle. Snoop hit Chavo with a spear! Then he just danced it up with the divas that came out, it was like the Godfather’s Ho-Train all over again. I wish they would have had the Godfather come out again, oh well.

Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho no contest

Chris Jericho started this match by having Cryme Tyme and the rest of the Smackdown team come down to ringside! This prompted the Raw team to come down! The two teams stared each other down until they were interrupted by none other than, Vickie Guerrero.

The two teams then went nuts and just started fighting it out with one another. A huge “WCW NITRO” style melee ensued and this thing was going nuts. I hate when shows end like this, but oh well. Raw went off the air amidst this.

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