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WWE Monday Night Raw 10/26/09 Results and Review Bragging Rights Aftermath

WWE Monday Night Raw 10/26/09 Results

Kofi Kingston defeated Chris Jericho
Santino & Melina defeated Chavo Guerrero & Jillian
MVP & Mark Henry (aka team Kool Aid) defeated Legacy
Evan Bourne defeated The Miz via countout
Shaemus defeated Jamie Noble
Triple H defeated The Big Show in a no dq lumberjack match with special guest referee John Cena

WWE Monday Night Raw 10/26/09 Review

The Big Show and Chris Jericho came out and started talking about their win. It was boring to me, and I was too tired to really place a false sense of caring. Big Show reveals that the Undertaker and Big Show are headed for a collision course for the title! Jericho gets upset but is interrupted by two Nascar drivers! They are the hosts…I hate Nascar.

However, they end up playing Metallica, so it’s all good.

Kyle Busch & Joey Logano are the special guests! I have no idea who these guys are. This is the worst hosting job ever, seriously, this is the worst thing ever.

Kofi Kingston defeated Chris Jericho

This match was actually quite good. Jericho really pushed Kofi Kingston to the limits, with Kingston making a rookie mistake and letting Chris Jericho get the better of him after the commercial break. Kofi did pick up the pace and had some great momentum and hit some stellar moves with great timing, but Jericho seemed to be a quarter of a step ahead of him. This match was slowed down at one point by Chris Jericho, trying to ground Kofi Kingston constant high flying offensive attempts, and it was working for a short while. Kofi seemed to be turning things around, hitting his pieces of signature offense, and barely blocking a superplex attempt, but after a Codebreaker, I wasn’t so sure that Jericho could pull this one off. As Jericho argued with the referee, Trouble in Paradise came flying at Chris Jericho, knocking him out and making this match the best thing I’ve seen in wrestling in a while.

Post match, Randy Orton ended up attacking Kofi Kingston, and throwing him off the stage! This is most likely because Orton blames him for losing the title last night at Bragging Rights.

Cody and Ted Dibiase gave Randy Orton a Nascar car with his face painted on it! That’s right, it’s kind of gay, but what are you going to do? Lame.

At this point in this week’s raw I was tired, and wanted to sleep…but instead kept plowing through one of the worst Raw’s…sure it had a good opening match, but man, it seems like forever since something happened in ring…a lot of backstage stuff happened, mainly terrible cohost crap. Oh and how do you forget kofi kingston’s name? Kofi Johnson? What the heck? Oh man…

Santino & Melina defeated Chavo Guerrero & Jillian

Finally, Chavo Guerrero gets a shot at not wrestling Hornswoggle for a change. Chavo must be off the juice, because he’s not completely defined nor is he as bulky as he has been in the past. He started this match with Santino, and Santino for once looked like he could wrestle! This was short lived, but it was nice to see him give it a fair try, which was interesting to see overall. Jillian got the tag and Santino ended up tagging in Melina, and this match turned into a divas type match up…a boring one at that. Hornswoggle showed up at ringside, Melina botched a sunset flip, nearly breaking Jillians neck, then screamed and hit some random leg drop and won the match up! Santino and Melina were celebrating as if they were going out, odd. Hornswoggle was in there just getting paid to be there, that’s always cool.

Hornswoggle was hit with a cease and desist order from Dx telling him to stop doing the Dx gimmick, lame.

Legacy was in ring talking about random crap, and John Cena came and interrupted, as usual. This thing broke down into a random match making moment, what match? Oh man…

MVP & Mark Henry (aka team Kool Aid) defeated Legacy

Surprisingly, this was a fast paced match with Legacy looking weaker than they should. The fan favorites were hitting some great moments, and spots, but it seemed like both teams were under pressure to finish this match up early or something, it just seemed a bit rush. MVP and Mark Henry won this match up and it wasn’t as though they were completely dominant, but given the time slot, yes, they were all stars in there. Legacy might be on their way out, or a split is looming, because they aren’t as good as they claim to be and it’s showing now more than ever before.

In ring Legacy was joined by Randy Orton, Orton then started talking but was interrupted by Kofi Kingston, backstage. Kofi was at Randy Orton’s car and started to beat the crap out of it! That’s right, the car that Legacy gave Orton earlier, was now getting pummeled by Kingston! Orton was mad, but oh well.

Evan Bourne defeated The Miz via countout

I could’ve sworn we’ve seen this match many times before. This match was going slow and then started to build, however, Jack Swagger was outside trying to impress Eve Torres into sleeping with him? I don’t know. Something happened and then a countout ensued. Terrible match up. These guys have put on better matches before, I don’t know why the WWE threw this one up for me to hate. You didn’t like it, admit it.

Shaemus defeated Jamie Noble

I misspell the dudes name a lot, so what. I was more impressed by the fact that Jamie Noble still has a job! WHAT THE HELL? Seriously? Yep, Jamie Noble is still employed! He lost, but he’s still there! He got worked over by the new Raw member, Finlay lite….yeah I said it.

Triple H defeated The Big Show in a no dq lumberjack match with special guest referee John Cena

The Big Show and Triple H were ready to get it on, but Triple H called out a slew of lumberjacks, all the Raw guys! That’s right, all the Raw guys came to ringside, and not only was this a lumberjack match it was a no dq match. We also got a special guest referee, John Cena!

I hate to admit it but, WWE totally saved themselves with this. This is exactly the kind of crap that keeps me watching WWE! WOOO!

At least that is what I was thinking before the commercial break. We left the match with Show getting thrown out to the floor and getting beat up by the Raw roster, but when we returned from our break, the match slowed down and Big Show was in complete control over Triple H. That’s not what I was expecting, especially since this is a no dq match up which would prompt me to believe that the Raw guys could in fact run in and beat up Show and that would be ok, but nope. This match got really good when Big Show had Triple H beat and down for the three count. John Cena counted two, but then his shoulder mysteriously hurt.

The Raw crew ran inside to mop up, and each one hit their finisher on BIG SHOW! Just like a video game, this thing was awesome. Even Santino got a moment in the sun, until Show chokeslamed him to hell! Ok, not to hell but come on, stay with me! John Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment, then Triple H put Big Show in a Smackdown t-shirt and let Shawn Michaels hit a huge Super Kick to the side of the head, followed up by the Pedigree and this thing was all over. Say goodnight!

The only thing I didn’t like about this match up was the fact that they just buried the Smackdown show, but it was fun to watch. This main event was hilarious, entertaining, and just what I wanted to see, fast paced cartoon like wrestling action, great stuff! Wooooo!

The co-hosts announced that at Survivor Series it would be John Cena vs Triple H vs Shawn Michaels for the title! Then Raw went off the air, and I went to eat a sandwich…a mayo sandwich because I still have no job, no one is buying anything on amazon, and I’m broke. Barely making ends meet…oh well.

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