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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 10/23/09 Results and Review Taker Punk Three

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 10/23/09 Results

R Truth, Matt Hardy, Finlay, and The Hart Dynasty defeated Drew McIntyre, Escobar, Dolph Ziggler, JTG
John Morrison defeated Mike Knox
Rey Mysterio and Batista defeated Chris Jericho and Kane
Mickie James defeated Layla
The Undertaker defeated CM Punk

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 10/23/09 Review

Jim Ross was sick, and we started the show with a recap of Raw. I was half asleep…and my arm hurt because I slept on it wrong.

Chris Jericho was in ring talking about how great his team was etc. Cryme Tyme interrupted Chris Jericho and it wasn’t half bad.

The show moved to having all the Smackdown Team in ring arguing about crap. Jericho and Kane basically forced four out of the seven members into a handicap match that wills tart later on tonight. This show just seemed like filler from the start.

R Truth, Matt Hardy, Finlay, and The Hart Dynasty defeated Drew McIntyre, Escobar, Dolph Ziggler, JTG

This was an odd thrown together match up, but hey, it’s the WWE, what do you expect? This match was your standard tag team fare, with the faces taking control with each major movement. The guys would hit some great shots, and keep the Smackdown hopefuls at bay for the most part. Due to the fact that there were so many personalities in this match up, there just was a lot of things working against the ref, who found it hard to keep control. Finlay hit JTG with a foreign object in the leg, and Matt Hardy hit the twist of fate, winning the match up! They didn’t let this match develop fully, but it had some good high spots, that’s for sure.

John Morrison defeated Mike Knox

This match wasn’t all that great at all. Mike Knox took Morrison to the limits, well, some limits, and after a few moments getting hit with Knox’s power moves, he managed to squirm out a win by hitting Starship Pain and not even breaking sweat! I guess he gets credit for that indeed.

Rey Mysterio and Batista defeated Chris Jericho and Kane

Jericho and Kane isolated Mysterio for a good portion of this match up. The two monster heel’s seemed to know how to really work the crowd too, because with every motion they had people cheering on Mysterio and hoping for a bright spot in the match up. The fans would go crazy when Mysterio opened up a spot for a fall away ddt and nearly tag Batista. However, the big red machine wasn’t done yet and he was pushing for more punishment. The match definitely got good when Batista got the hot tag, and this thing was a powder keg exploding, and even though Mysterio got choke slammed nearly through the mat, Batista was able to spear Kane and get the win for his team.

Mickie James defeated Layla

This match was boring to me. Mickie James was wrestling at half speed, and her opponent wasn’t keeping up at all, at least not in my view. Jerry Lawler said “very impressive” and I wish I was smoking what he was, because this match sucked.

The Undertaker defeated Cm Punk

The Undertaker had the cards stacked against him in this match up, and that made for an intriguing factor. While it was the undertaker that had all the problems against him in this match up, it was CM Punk that had full control over his opponent during the ongoings of this match up. Whenever Undertaker would try to force his will, Punk was right there to counter. This didn’t last too long as The Undertaker would find a way to come back and start giving Punk some sick moves. Snakeeyes, a leg drop and a running clothesline put Punk in a major daze. Punk brought in a chair to the match but Taker was the one that used it, well at least in reversing Punk’s running attack. Undertaker then hit a huge choke slam on the referee, and put his eyes set on Teddy Long! Punk leveled Undertaker with a steel chair and as Teddy Long called for a new referee, Punk put on the Anaconda device, but couldn’t submit Undertaker. Undertaker than slid out and hit the Hell’s Gate submission hold and made Cm Punk tap out! Undertaker retains, regardless of all the odds stacked against him.

Smackdown was ok…if you thought differently leave a comment. Also, make sure you click the Amazon ads and buy something, I still have no job…and am severely broke.

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