Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ecw on ScyFy 10/28/09 Results and Review The Yoshi Era

Ecw on ScyFy 10/28/09 Results

Sheamus defeated Shelton Benjamin
Christian defeated Yoshi Tatsu

Ecw on ScyFy 10/28/09 Review

The show started off with The Abraham Washington show. It featured the General Manager of ECW as guest, and it wasn’t all that good. William Regal came out and asked for a title shot, and she said no. Regal then tore up the Abraham Washington set, and that’s about it. The show got a new broadcast announcer, and I forgot his name. It’s totally a different voice than Matt Stryker.

Sheamus defeated Shelton Benjamin

Shelton might be the best pure athlete in the WWE, but he can’t talk on the mic that’s why he’s in midcard hell on the third tier show. He does have skills, and it’s a surprise he’s not used more in main story lines, he could definitely match John Morrison at times, and dare I say, even the Miz. Sheamus was taking it to Benjamin, hitting a lot of power moves and isolating the high flyer by putting on easy submissions throughout the match up. This match was given some time to develop and it wasn’t half –bad. Benjamin really got his bearings in the second half and it looked like Sheamus was going to get a loss instead of juts simply moving to Raw. The Gold Standard was really pushing to get a win, and maybe move up the ranks, and it wasn’t an easy task at all. But nope, a swift kick to the head and it was over. What a terrible ending, oh well. Sheamus is out of here.

Christian defeated Yoshi Tatsu

Yoshi Tatsu kept hitting his moves, kept pinning, kept moving, and this shocked the champion. Christian was definitely not prepared for Yoshi as his strategy changed slightly. At one point it looked as though Yoshi might have hurt his leg legit, but Christian didn’t let him breathe or relax, coming off the top rope with a cross body block to keep the match going in his favor. Christian put on a show for the fans, going for his moves, but Yoshi wasn’t going to just be another opponent to succumb to Christian’s move set, he kept fighting, and that’s what made this match worth it. He just kept coming at Christian, no “face vs heel” nothing like that, they just kept wrestling; which made for a great match. The ECW champion seemed like he couldn’t put away Yoshi, but Yoshi was showing frustration too, and that frustration led him to nearly get pinned with a twist of fate like move. If you missed this match folks, you really missed a good one, as both men couldn’t put one another away…until the Killswitch was engaged! Yoshi gets defeated by the champion, but what a match, it’s a rarity in WWE.

Post match, William Regal and his cronies beat up Christian.

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