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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 10/30/09 Results and Review Halloween Show

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 10/30/09 Results

Dolph Ziggler defeated John Morrison via countout
Beth Phoenix defeated Jenny Brooks
Matt Hardy defeated Escobar
Drew McIntyre vs Finlay no contest
CM Punk defeated Scott Armstrong
Chris Jericho defeated Kane

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 10/30/09 Review

Todd Grisham and Matt Striker are the ringside announcers now, since Jim Ross is not feeling so hot lately.

Teddy Long started the show talking about how Smackdown was great at Bragging Rights, and then recapping the events that transpired between Batista and Rey Mysterio. Teddy Long started talking about how great the Smackdown brand was, then Chris Jericho came out to talk about random crap. Teddy Long took the trophy away from Jericho, and the night continued with Jericho complaining about how he doesn’t have a title shot.

This prompted Kane to show up. After a near melee, Teddy Long created a match to see who would join the Big Show and Undertaker for the title. Kane and Jericho will square off later tonight and the Survivor series match is going to be a triple threat match, just like the Raw main event will be.

Long gone are the days of singles matches for the title? Am I watching TNA? I’m confused.

Dolph Ziggler defeated John Morrison via countout

This match started fast, off rails and going forward to becoming match of the night. Morrison and Ziggler are definitely the future of this company, even though John Morrison’s ring attire is a bit dated at this point. This match was fast paced, move for move, and these guys put on a great show. I really liked how these two knew each others moves and narrowly missed getting hit by them. The match broke down on the outside, as Ziggler hit a sick move on the announcers table, costing the ten count on John Morrison and winning this match with ease.

Beth Phoenix defeated Jenny Brooks

Beth Phoenix defeated this jobber or sorts. This match was all Beth Phoenix, and it was nice to see her get some good offense in and prove that she can wrestle and is not just a…face of sorts.

Matt Hardy defeated Escobar

Matt Hardy is fat. Escobar is a wannabe latino heat…only he has none of the charisma. WWE buries talent, and uses Matt Hardy and his fat gut to do it. On the other hand, this match had some good moments. Escobar attacking Hardy’s knee was a classic technical wrestler move, however, not following up and letting Matt Hardy steal another win, is not a classic move. Matt Hardy completely buries the new guy, and why not? That’s the traditional way of not getting someone over in the wwe. I don’t mind, the match wasn’t completely terrible. It was a bit shorter than I thought it would be, and probably because Escoobar isn’t ready for the big time.

Rey Mysterio wanted an explanation in ring about what happened. Batista came out and the two shared words. This thing wasn’t as tense as I thought, and it really didn’t look that great to me. However, Batista turning Heel? That’s something I could get behind, but seeing Mysterio in another “little man” vs “big man” feud is a bit much. We need a cruiserweight division, that’s for sure.

On a sidenote, I want to say that Twilight sucks, and I’m already tired of seeing the advertisements for a pg-13 new moon…now if it was rated R and we got some….um…nevermind.

Drew McIntyre vs Finlay no contest

Finlay, the guy who loves to fight, was scheduled to wrestle Drew McIntyre. However, Finlay never really made it as Drew McIntyre attacked him and forced the match to get canceled. It’s ironic really that Finlay gets pwned like this. Oh well. I like how they are building up Drew McIntyre.

The Divas had a costume contest, and it broke into a fight. I’ve been tired of the no talent wwe divas for a long time, but I don’t call the shots, I just review em.

Cm Punk defeated Scott Armstrong

Remember that awesome match in WCW with Brad Armstrong and Dean Malenko? Of course you don’t, but this match reminded me of that. Only because Scott Armstrong comes from a wrestling family and like his other brothers isn’t very famous…until now…well Road Dogg is, but that’s another story. Punk killed Scott Armstrong here, he hit the GTS and really made short work out of Armstrong, for no apparent reason other than Punk couldn’t beat the Undertaker.

Chris Jericho defeated Kane

Kane and Jericho put on an ok match. In fact, this match was a little more than ok, this was the first time I was actually interested in a Kane match. Well, the first time in a long time. The Big Slow machine has been stinking up the arena’s for quite sometime, and I feel he’s on his way out. He’s a tired gimmick and boring to watch. He has some cool moments though, but overall, he’s not that good…unless he’s wrestling Chris Jericho. Jericho was not in control for most of this match as it seemed that every time he would throw a move up, he would get stopped by Kane and couldn’t really capitalize on it. This match really started to slow down but Jericho’s Codebreaker on Kane as Kane came off the top rope, made this something to see. While it didn’t look as good as many other moments that Jericho has done, this spot was done well considering Kane’s size. Jericho wins and is going to Survivor series to wrestle a similar storyline that Raw is doing. Oh well…

Smackdown was ok, nothing too crazy happened and it was entertaining enough to get me through another day of wrestling.

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