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WWE Monday Night Raw 10/5/09 Results and Review Hell in the Cell Fallout

I’m back in action, kind of. I don’t get full cable until this weekend, but first and foremost, I get to review tonight’s Raw because my mother in law invited me over to do so. So it’s a great thing, here we go, my first review back, please help me out, I don’t have any money…so buy something from amazon please.

WWE Monday Night Raw 10/5/09 Results

Jack Swagger defeated Primo Colon
MVP & Mark Henry defeated Chavo Guerrero & Chris Masters
Mickie James and her team won a divas bowl tag team match
The Miz defeated Kofi Kingston for the United States Championship
DX defeated The Big Show & Chris Jericho

WWE Monday Night Raw 10/5/09 Review

The guest host tonight was Ben Roethlisberger, I don’t know why, but it was him…lame if you ask me.

The night began with the “diva bowl” which I immediately hated. Come on, I can’t watch for a few weeks and this is what I have to come back to? Yeah, this is stupid. Alright, all three brands had divas competing in this match up and it was interesting to see all of them in one match up, but it appeared that it wasn’t every diva; Gail Kim was the referee in this match up.

The divas bowl was a ten man tag of sorts, it was just a melee early on with all the women fighting each other and Gail Kim trying to gain control over the match up. It was really dumb, and I wasn’t sure how to follow along necessarily. Mickie James shined on this match up and even though I think she’s gained some weight, she was the one that got the pin in this match up, even though I had no idea what the teams were. So let’s just say Mickie James won the Divas Bowl.

It was a short lived celebration with Randy Orton coming out to say something or other.

We came back from a commercial break and Randy Orton was rambling about John Cena losing the WWE Championship in the cell match up. I didn’t watch the ppv, and I don’t really care so who cares, eh? Of course, these two dudes were just talking back and forth about the ppv last night. John Cena messed up in his speech, and he was proposing an Iron Man Match for the WWE TITLE! NO WAY! I will not support an IRON MAN MATCH for the WWE title, never…never! I you think that a serious Iron Man match between these two will go over well on ppv, you’re an idiot. I’m so sick of these idiots, geeez!

Jack Swagger defeated Primo Colon

Jack Swagger was impressive in this match up for sure, hitting Primo fast and hard from the beginning of the match up. Then he slowed things down to get the match a little psychology, and it was Primo that was moving forward with some offense, but was just not powerful enough for Swagger. Swagger kept getting the better of the offense in. Primo went for a nice springboard but was kicked in mid-air and then came the gut wrench powerbomb, and Swagger wins yet again. The all American American is continuing to prove he’s got some clout in regards to in his in ring skills.

Santino was involved in a nice little sketch with the divas, it was hilarious; not half bad. It was also announced that at Bragging Rights the Smackdown winners will fight the Raw winners…or something…I forget.

MVP & Mark Henry defeated Chavo Guerrero & Chris Masters

Mark Henry looks like the Kool Aid man, and Masters had a hard time fighting him. Mark Henry hit a huge splash and it looked like he hurt his knee legit, which would mean he’s out of here for a while. MVP ran in there and hit the ring like a house on fire, but it was Chavo and Masters that capitalized on the small red machine. Come on, MVP and Henry look like the laughing stock of wwe right now. It’s nice to see Chavo not fighting off the small wonder, and he looked a bit more aggressive than I’m used to seeing him. MVP got his second win and Mark Henry had a hard time standing, but the red guys won the match up with a quick flurry of offense. This was a short match and it did look like Mark Henry was legit injured.

Post match Guerrero and Masters started fighting each other. Hornswoggle came out and bit Masters in the leg allowing Chavo to get an upper hand. Could the two foes now be friends? It sure looks like it…or not? I don’t know. The little guy gets the last laugh, that’s for sure.

The Big Show and Chris Jericho came out to fight Big Ben, and Ben called out the offensive line of the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, before anything big went down the tag team champions stepped out of the ring and left things at that. Dx came out though, and I wasn’t sure why. I was bored, I wish they had more wrestling on this show, that’s for sure.

The Miz defeated Kofi Kingston

The U.S title match was on the line in this fast paced match, not exactly the greatest match for the Miz, and Kofi Kingston was definitely making a good call out of this match. Kofi was out there fresh and mopping through some great offense against The Miz. Of course if the Miz lost he would have to get on the mic and say he’s awful. The Miz was really putting on a little more in t his match than he usually does, which was definitely nice to see, considering that we had a lot of time wasting earlier in the show. This match moved forward quite nicely and I really liked the momentum that the Miz was taking advantage of in this match up. Kofi had this match seemingly won but it was Miz that kept fighting forward and trying to win this thing, the both putting on quite the challenging performance the night after a ppv, which is rare for the wwe. Kofi’s crossbody block off the top rope was reversed but Kofi managed to get out and hit the SOS for the close two count. The Miz then managed to hit the Skull Crushing Finale, and it was all over! The Miz is the new United States champion! The King was right, “we’ll never hear the end of this!”

DX defeated The Big Show & Chris Jericho

This match up wasn’t half bad. At least it didn’t start too bad, with a lot of action going back and forth between the two teams, especially considering last night’s ppv. The match drew to a stale mate towards the commercial break and we were left with The Big Show and Triple H staring each other down from opposite ends of the ring, and it was interesting to see that we had about ten minutes left in the show. This was definitely a first for me, usually the main event doesn’t start until later on in the ten o’clock hour. The match took a turn against Dx after the break and the two teams were being carried by Jericho, at least in my view. Sure Triple H and The Big Show slowed down the match some, but it was Jericho that was bringing in more emotion than the three other members of this match up. It’s a testament to how good Chris Jericho really is, with himself hitting hard, and enjoying a great motion of offense in regards to this tag match. Of course it wasn’t to be all Jericho, as Shawn Michaels got the hot tag and looked to be poised to win this thing overall. However, just like we’ve seen before Jericho was smarter than the second wind of Michaels, and got to his senses fast. Big Show came in and things started to look bad once again for the crew in DX. Jericho and Show were wrestling like well oiled machines, fighting off the DX guys with ease at a lot of points in this match up. This match really had the crowd going, but Jericho was the standout, regardless of his bad guy persona. The Big Show and Michaels were the last two remaining when the dust settled in this match up and it really got the crowd moving! Triple H got the hot tag, as is custom, and was really moving fast for a change. Jericho was not going to lay down with the night going over the eleven o'clock hour, and things were really going nuts, a melee ensued but it was Triple H with a sweet spine buster and set up for the Pedigree that made me think that DX could take this match's finale. The Big Show was not settling for the traditional, and he managed to get Triple H and Michaels down, but man, this match kept going back and forth and I couldn't really call the ending, even though I kind of knew what was bound to happen. To isolate Chris Jericho, DX threw Big Show over the guard rail and this was where business was about to pick up for sure! Chris Jericho found himself against DX and wanted to walk away, but out came the starting line of the Steelers! Jericho was then forced back to the ring by DX and boy was this a crowd pleaser! Sweet Chin music was hit and Triple H got the cover for the win, and DX gets the pin, the crowd goes nuts, and i'm back for a review!

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