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ECW on ScyFY 10/13/09 Results and Review The Good Guys

Ecw on ScyFy 10/13/09 Results

Ezeiel Jackson defeated Goldust
Paul Burchill defeated The Hurricane
Christian & Yoshi Tatsu defeated Zack Ryder & William Regal

Ecw on ScyFy 10/13/09 Review

Ezeiel Jackson defeated Goldust

I think it’s a shame that in thee modern times the WWE can’t use Goldust as a main event player or at least a mid carder fighting for the championships. He could really play mind games with the likes of The Miz and others, really forcing things to be great. Remember his feud with Razor Ramon? Classic. Anyways, long gone is that and here he is wrestling Ezekiel Jackson. Goldust started his match strong, faster than the big man, and even smarter in ring as he was rolling away from most of Jackson’s onslaught of power moves. The match progressed and Ezekiel Jackson got the upper hand and he was definitely having his way with Goldust, but after a few near misses, Goldust got back into it and was giving Jackson a run for his money, including many nearfalls with his classic move set of odd offensive maneuvers. Goldust hit the Flatliner, and I thought this thing was over, but while Kozlov distracted the ref, Jackson got his revenge and hit his finisher to defeated the golden one. Jackson wins a very weird match, where Goldust carried Ezekiel Jackson, despite his jobber status.

Sheamus came out and cut a promo about how he hates Shelton Benjamin and some other random crap. I don’t like this guy, and don’t know anyone that does.

Paul Burchill defeated The Hurricane

This match, I could’ve sworn, already happened in pervious weeks. In fact, I remember seeing it before I moved from Washington to Idaho, ut oh well, such is life, I guess. It’s painfully obvious that Helms has gained some weight, he’s not in the same shape as the first time he was the Hurricane gimmick. He’s a little slower now, and his flexibility is also not what it used to be, and these things came into play with Burchill saving to slow the pace down, and looking incompetent in order to take some offense from Hurricane. Burchill has also let himself go a little, and while he’s still an effective wrestler, he is a little chunky, I’m just sayin. The match went from fast paced, high impact, to slow and boring, Burchill using a slew of rest holds to wear down both The Hurricane and his fans. Burchill kept working on Hurricane’s arm and eventually got a jackhammer in and pinned the super hero. Yep, another clean win, odd.

Christian & Yoshi Tatsu defeated Zack Ryder & William Regal

Yoshi Tatsu started this match against Zack Ryder and was looking quite good in this match up, he then tagged in Christian, and the momentum kept going forward for the good guys here. Ryder, with his spray on tan, was getting worked over by the veteran and his new friend, but the tables turned and he gained control over the ECW champion and was punishing him with some steady flurries of punches and kicks. Christian wasn’t going down though, and eventually hit his set of offense, including a baseball slide that hit Regal and Ryder at the same time, and he then followed that up with a cross body block over the top and onto both of his opponents. This prompted a commercial break.

After the break, Christian was still in control, this time Regal was the legal man, and it was the champion that was looking good in this match. Regal countered into a reverse lariat, and things were going well for him in the short term, eventually tagging in Zack Ryder, putting pressure on Christian. Tattsu at this point had not been involved in the match since the early moments, and start of the match, so things really needed to shift if the faces wanted to win. Christian got the hot tag and Yoshi mopped up with Ryder getting the brunt of the force. Yoshi’s rolling snapmare is really cool, but could be troublesome in the future. Ryder hit a sick neckbreaker, and this thing looked done. However, it wasn’t until Regal got back in that I started to doubt Christian and Tatsu’s winning ways. Regal has gained some weight again, but he’s still hitting quite hard in there, it’s interesting to see him wrestle against Tatsu, and still maintain his strong style of mat wrestling. Christian had this match sewn up after a tag, and had Zack Ryder reeling, but couldn’t quite put him away until he hit the spinning ddt, so I thought. This match was really getting good, with the standard melee going down on the outside, and Christian looking like he had this in the bag. Ryder turned on Regal and Christian got the Killswitch, winning the match up or his team!

Overall, tonight was a solid night of wrestling. I was surprised that there wasn’t a lot of talk, just a lot of wrestling. I liked it. ECW is gaining steam, but I don’t know if it can keep the momentum without repeating a lot of matches and feuds, but that’s WWE for ya, I guess.

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