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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 12/4/09 Results and Review More Crap To Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 12/4/09 Results

R. Truth defeated CM Punk via disqualification
Kane defeated Mike Knox
Mickie James defeated Natalya and Beth Phoenix in a triple threat match
Drew McIntyre defeated John Morrison (non title match)
The Hart Dynasty defeated Escobar
Chris Jericho & The Big Show defeated Cryme Tyme

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 12/4/09 Review

The show started with CM Punk and Luke Gallows coming to the ring. I knew what was coming, but my eye hurt, so I didn’t write it down right away.

R. Truth defeated CM Punk via disqualification

CM Punk and R Truth could put a good match together, and prove to be good overall. However, this match wasn’t even close to being good at all. It was obviously headed towards a disqualification finish, and when Gallows interfered that’s exactly what we got. I like Punk with a bodyguard, and this mean streak keeps growing. I don’t dislike it, I just feel that we could use more clean finishes in wrestling. I mean, what is this? TNA? Geez.

And now ladies and gentleman, the big man slow match…what is this the 1980’s?

Kane defeated Mike Knox

I hate big man matches. I think it’s because I’ve seen them too many times. Sure they guys can move, but I’m not a fan of either right now. Kane has slowed down since his days as Isaac Yankem and Mike Knox hasn’t been relevant for a long time it seems. Kane essentially put away Mike Knox, and it’s time to fire him. Knox sucks now. Kane sucks too. This match was standard, but it ended with a good choke slam.

Jericho and Big Show backstage with Josh had the longest, and I do mean longest, promo I’ve seen in a long time. This thing was long, longer than anything in recent years. This was a main throwback to the 80’s, and if you saw it, you know what I’m talking about.

Mickie James defeated Natalya and Beth Phoenix

Best part about this triple threat match? A sick double clothesline between Phoenix and Natalya! Picture perfect, and just sick. These three are the best wrestlers in the divas division, and wow, they put on a few good shots in there. Mickie James edged out a victory after some time, and near falls. So now, Mickie James is the #1 contender.

Mickie James went nuts and started to fight McCool and Layla at ringside, and out of the back came Maria to help her out.

Drew McIntyre defeated John Morrison

Drew finally gets a shot at some serious competition, and he didn’t disappoint, and neither did Morrison. Morrison didn’t just back down, he went right at Drew, and Drew was keeping up quite well, making some good reversals and catching up with Morrison’s offense. Seriously, Drew had Morrison well scouted, and was putting his boots to him better than some other contenders, including Ziggler! On the outside at one point, Drew pulled Morrison’s head into the bars underneath the ring and this caused the champion to lose the match. Drew pinned Morrison, and he’ll most likely get a shot at the title.

Escobar is channeling the “Razor Ramon” character, vest and all. Vickie Guerrero came out and cut a huge promo, and Escobar appears to be a fan favorite now? This is lame. Whatever, I’m too tired to write more about this b.s.

The Hart Dynasty defeated Escobar

Escobar had to wrestle both members of the Hart Dynasty, and early on he had this thing rolled up. He was showcasing some good offense, and clean moves, but Tyson Kidd wasn’t going to just sit down as he tagged in the big man DH Smith and Escobar was not doing well with the numbers game. The Hart Attack was hit and Escobar is done. Looks like Escobar is going to be wished his future endeavors.

Chris Jericho & The Big Show defeated Cryme Tyme

This match was fast, and while Jericho was obviously the weak link of the tag team champions, Cryme Tyme was getting some good offense in. However, Shad walked into a huge right hand and was knocked out. Big Show and Jericho win with somewhat ease.

The Undertaker was coming down to the ring, but Batista interrupted him with a chair and just attacked with no mercy. He was trying to soften up taker for their match at TLC.

And that was the end of the show. Smackdown was ok at best.

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