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TNA Impact 12/3/09 Results and Review Dixie Carter Headlines

TNA Impact 12/3/09 Results

Alex Shelley defeated Doug Williams
Suicide defeated Homicide
The Pope Dangelo Dinero defeated Jesse Neal
Christopher Daniels defeated Abyss
Kurt Angle defeated Raven & Doctor Stevie

TNA Impact 12/3/09 Review

Desmond Wolfe shows up in ring and talks about how he hates “mangles”, which is Kurt Angle. He announces that him and Angle will go into a three stages of hell match at Turning Point, and I’m already bored.

Kurt Angle came out and climbed the six sides of steel, started fighting Desmond Wolfe and was laid out. Wolfe won this round, leaving Angle in the ring on the floor, like a chump.

I’m not 100% sure where this is going but if Angle doesn’t lose against Wolfe soon, this feud is dead in the water.

Alex Shelley defeated Doug Williams

The new Motor Machine Guns music still sucks. This match was interesting and had some good points. While I didn’t really care for whatever storyline they were pushing, but I did think some of the spots were dead on. These two can really go, however, the match was a little short for what it was, and it was interesting to see these guys go for such a short time and still put something together. Alex Shelley put away the British Invasion member after sliced bread, and that was that.

Suicide defeated Homicide

This match wasn’t all that great, Homicide seemed like he had to tone things down a little to match Suicides speed. Suicide didn’t really impress me, and it’s been going on for weeks, he just doesn’t seem into it anymore. I never liked the character, and this match proved it for me. Homicide did have some good moments, he put on a show as usual, but it wasn’t for him to win.

Post match, the Pope came in to save suicide.

Tara was the guest on ODB’s show. It was boring. I’m tired of the knockouts division now, they used to have great matches and no drama. Now? They suck, with lots of random drama.

The Pope Dangelo Dinero defeated Jesse Neal

This match sucked. Plain and simple. Jesse Neal isn’t ready for the big time and Dinero didn’t do much wrestling, and carried the match.

Post match, Suicide is now aligned with the pope….who cares!

Kevin Nash & Erik Young defeated Beer Money

I like Beer Money, but this match wasn’t given enough time to develop into something more than a mashed up match. There were some nice near falls, and Beer Money had a good chance, but it was Nash and Erik Young that pulled away, after the ref was distracted for a while, and that was that.

Bobby Lashley came down to the ring to cut a promo. He didn’t do much talking, his wife did. It was boring.

Christopher Daniels defeated Abyss

Christopher Daniels couldn’t really do much in this match, he kept trying to wrestle Abyss but it wasn’t working at all. Abyss then got distracted by a video of “Lauren” getting abused by the Beautiful People, and Abyss loses the match with a roll up. This match sucked, and it was boring.

Post match, Daniels challenged Styles to a match, but a masked man ran out and knocked out Styles before he could get to the ring.

The show then shifted to an interview with Dixie Carter. It’s a boring thing…Carter keeps coming out and saying TNA is going straight at WWE for competition…whatever. I was already tired, but she made me more tired with all this talk about “Hulk Hogan” and what not.

In the main event, Saria and Hamada? Yep.

Hamada defeated Sarita

Wow, this is so interesting, a women’s match is the main event on Impact! This is kind of cool. I take back some of what I said earlier about the knockouts, because these two women aren’t involved in any major drama and they are just pure pro-wrestling and it’s rad. These two really put a good show together. Hamada ended up putting Sarita away with the Hamada driver, and I thought this match (despite the short time frame) was quite good for a women’s match.

Kurt Angle came down to ringside, but Foley interrupted. He was put into match with Raven & Doctor Stevie.

Kurt Angle defeated Raven & Doctor Stevie

Yes! Stevie Richards and Raven are back together for a match! ECW ECW ECW ECW! I thought the women’s match was the main event, but I was wrong. I apologize. Anyways, this is a cool beat down on Kurt Angle. Both men were attacking Angle straightway without having to tag in at all. This fat match ended with Kurt Angle getting the Ankle Lock and making Raven tap. Of course, Kurt Angle got a little assist from Abyss!

Post match, Desmond Wolfe hit Kurt Angle with a sick move and it was over. The night of TNA finally was done.

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