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WWE Monday Night Raw 12/28/09 Results and Review Last Raw of 2009

WWE Monday Night Raw 12/28/09 Results

Ted Dibiase defeated Evan Bourne
Cody Rhodes defeated Mark Henry
Maryse defeated Kelly Kelly
Kofi Kingston defeated The Miz
Kofi Kingston defeated The Miz via disqualification
Dx defeated The Big Show & Chavo Guerrero
John Cena defeated Sheamus via dq

WWE Monday Night Raw 12/28/09 Review

The show immediately opened before the intro with Chris Jericho trying to get people to sign a petition to let him back onto the Raw show, and no one seemed to want to give their signature.

John Cena came out to a huge ovation, and he got in the ring and started talking…oh man. Sheamus came out and talked a little trash, and eventually got thrown threw a table, but it doesn’t matter, because Cena is not champion.

Timbaland sucks, but he seemed to be getting the crowd going with the chance of seeing Cena and Sheamus in a tables match.

Ted Dibiase defeated Evan Bourne

Ted Dibiase had one of the best matches of his short career, but that’s not saying a whole lot. Evan Bourne was all over him, but he’s on his way out right? Bourne loses again, somewhat clean, and it was all over. Dibiase wins.

Cody Rhodes defeated Mark Henry

What a terrible match and outcome. Cody Rhodes, by a miracle, defeated Mark Henry. This is stupid. The match was all Henry, man, it must suck to job out to such a terrible wrestler. I give up.

Maryse defeated Kelly Kelly

Maryse won this match, and she sucks. I hate the divas division. Kelly Kelly has some nice gymnastics, but they are so slow, that it seemed like it took days for her to reach the corner. Once again, this thing makes for terrible viewing.

Vince McMahon came out and announced that Bret Hart will in fact be the guest host on next week’s Raw. They then ran a tribute video for Bret Hart and it included the screw job! It ended there, they didn’t show any wcw footage at all.

Then Vince McMahon came back and said that Bret Hart would never be guest host…so he changed his mind? I don’t know. This prompted for Shawn Michaels to come out with his original music, and straight to the ring. This was eating up a lot of time, so I figure they will have him host? I’m lost now.

This show had barely any wrestling up to this point, which was well past the first hour mark.

Shawn Michaels came out and talked about the Undertaker. He was demanding a match, which was odd. Vince McMahon said he wouldn’t make the match. He said that Shawn Michaels would have to make it happen.

HBK then asked for Bret Hart to come back to Raw! McMahon then says it will happen next week.

I can’t really speculate what will happen, but word on the street is that Bret signed a 4 month contract estimated at around 750,000 dollars. Will Bret equal ratings? Or will Hogan and TNA spoil the WWE parade? I’ll have reviews for both.


Josh was going to have an interview with Cena and it never happened because Sheamus attacked him! I love when that happens.

Kofi Kingston defeated The Miz

The Miz started this match fast, and looked like he was at ease in this match up. The Miz went to the top rope and launched off but was hit with Thunder in Paradise, a perfectly timed move and was knocked out cold. He lost the match, and now had to defend the U.S. Title!

Kofi Kingston defeated The Miz via dq

Kofi Kingston was on his way to another victory, this time for the title, but out came Randy Orton to interfere. Is he aligned with Miz? No, he just doesn’t like Kofi. Thanks for ruining it Orton.

Dx defeated The Big Show & Chavo Guerrero

**Chris Jericho got a ticket for the front row, and was at ringside.

Admittedly, Chavo can really go if you let him. He started this match with HBK and was doing quite well. It’s funny to me that WWE doesn’t do more with him, considering he can actually wrestle, from time to time. Triple H hit a huge pedigree on Chavo, and this thing was over. I didn’t expect Dx to lose.

John Cena defeated Sheamus via dq

The wwe title was on the line in this match. This was a terrible match, a TERRIBLE MATCH! The ref disqualified Sheamus! What the heck! This was like a 4 minute match, nothing major happened, this is so stupid.

This Raw sucked, face it folks, it was terrible. Next week though? The Monday Night Wars begin again!

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  1. This episode definitely had its flaws but I did find most of it entertaining. I had no problems other than the Championship match, Rhodes vs Henry, and of course the Divas match. They made a big mistake not breaking up Legacy, especially since they hinted at it here. Personally, I think Orton should've attcked them both regardless of wether they won or lost and then Rhodes and Dibiase both should've take him down.



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