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WWE Smackdown 12/11/09 Results and Review Hanukkah Night

WWE Smackdown 12/11/09 Results

Cm Punk & Luke Gallows defeated R. Truth & Matt Hardy
Chris Jericho & The Big Show defeated Eric Escobar
Kane defeated Mike Knox
Mickie James & Maria defeated Michelle McCool & Layla
Batista defeated Rey Mysterio in a street fight

WWE Smackdown 12/11/09 Review

I’m still in high spirits, last night I celebrated my first official Hanukkah with my in-laws and after cleaning up playing with a top, I’m on a gold coin chocolate high. So it’s only fitting that we review and rant about none other than WWE Smackdown!

Batista is first to come out of the back, and his new shirt looks pretty cool. He cut a promo basically saying that he’s going to be dominant against Undertaker and Mysterio and not only that, he is only in it for the money. A good overall heel promo, with little to no major mistakes, and you can almost feel that he’s sincerely being a badass.

Cm Punk & Luke Gallows defeated R. Truth & Matt Hardy

The straightedge superstar and Luke Gallows finally got a shot at wrestling together as a team, and there was no signs of “festus” anywhere to be found. Matt Hardy and R Truth came out rapping and Hardy came out with a bag of Jeff Hardy dvd’s and Hardy was throwing them out to the crowd. Not just 1 or 2, he had a full gym bag full of dvd’s! The crowd was going nuts for Truth and Hardy and I don’t think I’ve seen anyone go over so well in a long time, seriously, Truth and Hardy were insanely over, at least for their introduction, better than anyone I’ve seen in a long time. Truth and Punk started the match, and Punk was reeling as we went to the commercial break. I thought for sure that when we came back from commercial break we would get a 180 with Punk getting the upper hand, and that wasn’t necessarily true. Not until a few minutes after the break as Gallows got tagged in. I like Gallows style now, a little better than I liked him as Festus. This match broke down into a melee at one point, but it was Hardy and Punk that were left as legal men after the dust settled. Gallows got the blind tag as Hardy delivered a Twist of Fate, and Gallows got in and hit the Gallows Pole, I think, and this match was done. Punk and Gallows win this one, in a pretty good tag team encounter.

One thing I can not stand is the backstage crap the WWE does. Kane walking? Kane and Knox talking about how they are monsters, no thanks.

Chris Jericho & The Big Show defeated Eric Escobar

Why in the world is Eric Escobar trying to be Razor Ramon? It makes no sense. He is a poor man’s Razor Ramon; or to quote my old coworker Cosby: Escobar is a Broke Ass Razor Ramon.

Chris Jericho and Escobar were putting on a one star match until Vickie Guerrero interrupted and demanded this match be a handicap match. Jericho and Show basically bulldozed Escobar, and one has to wonder when this broke ass Razor Ramon is going to get fired.

Drew McIntyre cut a promo…it bored me. But John Morrison came out dressed as Mel Gibson in Brave Heart, and broke the boredom. It was a great one, hilarious!

Kane defeated Mike Knox

Stryker makes a sick joke about David Carradine, and this match goes on. The two big men of the WWE go at it, in another slow moving slug fest. This match wasn’t that great at all. Kane wins, but after a lot of yawning on my end, that’s for sure.

Mickie James & Maria defeated Michelle McCool & Layla

Mickie James has gotten fat, admit it….alright, I’ll stop.

The main problem with the divas division is that the matches are so short, and when they are given time the divas suck at making good matches. This was a terrible match, if you could call it a match. Mickie James got the win for her team, but it wasn’t anything that could be quantified into a match, it was just a fast cluster of an attempt at entertainment. The divas division sucks, face it.

Batista defeated Rey Mysterio in a street fight

I remember when street fights had wrestlers coming out in jeans and t-shirts and taped fists. Now, apparently it means that you wrestle in all your regular wrestling gear. I liked the old days, when the Nasty Boys would come out with just street clothes, and would knock the crap out of people. Oh well, those days are long gone.

This match wasn’t half bad, but it wasn’t exactly the finest hour for either man. Mysterio eventually got out of Batista’s slow moving moves and eventually hit all his spots, and it looked like Batista was going to lose this one, just because he couldn’t keep up with the speed of Mysterio. However, Batista managed to escape the onslaught and eventually got his bearings hit Mysterio not only with his finishers but a huge chair shot to the head. Batista pinned Rey Mysterio after a massive head shot that was heard around the world, I’m sure.

Post match, The Undertaker appeared and bat down Batista with a flurry of punches and kicks.

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