Sunday, April 25, 2010

WWE Extreme Rules 2010 Results and Mini Review


Show Miz defeated R Truth & John Morrison, and MVP & Mark Henry in a gauntlet match
Hart Dynasty defeated Show Miz (in same gauntlet match)

Cm Punk defeated Rey Mysterio
JTG defeated Shad in a strap match
Jack Swagger defeated Randy Orton
Sheamus defeated Triple H
Beth Phoenix defeated Michelle McCool in a makeover match
Edge defeated Jericho in a steel cage match
John Cena defeated Batista in a last man standing match

The John Cena match was good until the ending, the DUMBEST ending in WWE history folks, taping Batista's legs? Seriously? STUPID STUPID STUPID!

There's a new member of the Straightedge Society, but who is he? I don't know.

Swagger winning clean was great.

The rest of the night was not EXTREME at all...what a waste of my money.

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