Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TNA Impact 4/19/10 Results and Review

TNA Impact 4/19/10 Results

The Beautiful People defeated ODB & Daffney
Rob Van dam defeated Jeff hardy
Team Hogan defeated Team Flair
Rob Van Dam defeated Aj Styles to win the TNA Heavyweight Champion

TNA Impact 4/19/10 Review

Aj Styles came out and cut a lame promo. Despite the fact that he’s the champion, he sucks on the mic. He was interrupted by Rob Van dam, who looked exactly as I remember him. The crowd was chanting his name, and apparently he’s most likely going to get a shot at Aj next. Will he win? I don’t know. I thought for sure The Pope was going to win last night. Oh well.

Hardy came down, and then Hogan came down, and the crowd went nuts, for no apparent reason.

Hogan cut a longwinded promo, that just made me want to fast forward, but I wanted to see where this was going, so I paid attention, despite being bored. So RVD will face Hardy to see who’s the #1 contender.

The Beautiful People defeated ODB & Daffney

This match was stupid to say the least. It wasn’t much of a match and really was just as rushed as anything the WWE Divas have ushered out. This match sucked, and the division now sucks too.

Abyss gave a random promo, but I don’t care about Abyss, so I tried not to think about it too much.

Team Flair came out and beat up Double J and Abyss. Big Rob came out to help out. That prompted Bischoff to come out and get on the mic,

Rob Van dam defeated Jeff hardy

This match was given a good amount of time, and while I could tell RVD was winded and Hardy was phoning it in, the match progressed nicely, and eventually yielded us a number #1 contender. I enjoyed the match overall, but it wasn’t necessarily that great. There were some good spots, but it was obvious that RVD was winded and not necessarily ready for a title shot later tonight.

Team Hogan defeated Team Flair

This match was basically a rehash of last night’s match only without a cage. The match was your standard match up, which wasn’t all that great. It seemed forced and rushed, and then out of the blue out came a dude with a random beard…a heel turn beard? No. It was Samoa Joe and he bulldozed all of Team Flair’s guys. Joe returns with no advancement of any major story line! This is lame.

Rob Van Dam defeated Aj Styles to win the TNA Heavyweight Champion

This match was interesting to say the least, it had a few good spots, but it seemed that Aj was way better than RVD in terms of stamina. Although Styles put on some good moments, it was Rob Van Dam with some quick reversals and moves to counter Styles’s onslaught. In what was a relatively short match, Rob Van Dam becomes the NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

In my honest opinion, this makes Pope’s lack of a win somewhat lame. Rob Van Dam wins? I don’t know…I am not buying it, but whatever. RVD is finally a world champion.

Post match they gave a HUGE celebration to RVD with a lot of people coming out of the back and then Team 3D raising him on their shoulders. This was ok, but eh, Rob Van Dam has yet to prove he can still go.

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