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TNA Impact 4/26/10 Results and Review

TNA Impact 4/26/10 Results

Ric Flair defeated Abyss
Abyss defeated Ric Flair
Matt Morgan & Jesse Neal vs Team 3D no contest
Sting & Aj Styles defeated Jeff Hardy & Double J in a Falls Count Anywhere Match
Madison Rayne defeated Angelina Love and Tara in a Knockouts Title Triple Threat Match
Kazarian defeated Shannon Moore

TNA Impact 4/26/10 Review

The TNA finally does something good, a recap of RVD’s journey to the TNA World Championship from last week with some good overall music. I liked it, but I’m not so sure about the rest of the show.

Hogan started the show in ring and gave some speech, and it wasn’t half bad, and he introduced MR. TNA Rob Van Dam and the crowd was going nuts…which is a nice change of pace.

Madison Rayne defeated Angelina Love and Tara in a Knockouts Title Triple Threat Match

This match was scary. There were some poorly taken bumps, and it just looked painful to me. Despite the women getting a little bit of time, the match just seemed forced, and not even Tara could carry the weight. This match ended with a roll up, and it wasn’t even that good.

Post match, Tara fought off Angelina Love, and security ran out to separate the two. I like how these two girls now have a separate feud, away from the title, and it can make for an interesting turn for the knockouts division. I am loving this post match feud. Good job TNA!

Kazarian defeated Shannon Moore

This match was relatively short, and wasn’t all that great. Moore has this thing locked up, but Matt Morgan ran down and interfered after a ref bump, and the match was over with Kazarian getting the win. This match was way too short, and lame.

Post match Samoa Joe came down to ringside, and he has a “heel” beard. Samoa Joe came out and hit a Muscle Buster on Kaz. Looks like we’re getting back to the old school joe where he had 4 star matches for the title.

Sting & Aj Styles defeated Jeff Hardy & Double J in a Falls Count Anywhere Match

This falls count anywhere tag match was interesting to note, but it was hard to watch. The two teams were going at each other quite well, and it just seemed like they hot shotted these match with no clear psychology…but I guess I can find common ground if I try really hard.

The match itself wasn’t all that good, it featured the normal punch type thing, but what seemed weird to me was that Sting and Hardy were yielding to “tag team” rules, which is stupid! Why would you tag in a falls count anywhere match?

During this match Sting left the ring and disappeared, but Double J found him and they battled to the rafters.

Hardy and Styles fought each other outside the ring. Jeff went to the top of the ramp and then pulled out a ladder, and went to the top for a Swanton Bomb on Styles, but Sting pinned Jeff Jarrett in the rafters, ending the match, without any jump from Hardy.

This match was stupid. Stupid rules, Stupid crap!

The Pope came out and started talking about how he hasn’t forgotten Aj Styles. However, he was interrupted by Anderson, and it looks like Pope has his new opponent in Pope. The two started to fight it out, and it should be interesting.

Anderson put his thumb in the eye of Pope and security had to break things up.

Matt Morgan & Jesse Neal vs Team 3D no contest

This match wasn’t given much time, and it was quite boring to watch. The match got about 2 minutes of the way through before it was interrupted by The Band. Team 3D fought The band on the ramp, and Matt Morgan beat up Jesse Neal in ring.

Shannon Moore saved Jesse Neal from getting further beat up and the two formed a tag team, since they both have Mohawks? What the heck!

Bischoff talks about the ranking system. You can vote for your favorite on TNA Wrestling online.

Orlando Jordan cut a weird promo, and he said that next week on the “O-Zone” will be Rob Terry, the “Freak”.

Ric Flair defeated Abyss


Abyss defeated Ric Flair

Flair immediately busts himself open, and Abyss basically rolled through the old timer. This match was just sad, and Flair is way past his prime, way past. This is beyond sad, as the blood poured down Flair’s face. The match, despite having Flair busted open, was won by Flair after he brought in some Brass Knuckles.

However, the match was restarted after Earl Hebner found out that Flair used Brass Knuckles.

The match restarted and Abyss won, end of impact…man what a terrible show.

Who cares about the hall of fame rings? who cares? TNA Did an ok show last week only to return with one heck of a gamble against a stacked 3 hour raw show.

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