Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tna Impact 4/12/10 Results and Review

Tna Impact 4/13/10 Results

The Band defeated Jesse Neal & Team 3D In A New York City Street Fight
Kazarian vs Shannon Moore time limit draw
Velvet Sky vs Angelina Love
Jeff Hardy defeated Robert Roode
Desmond Wolfe & Aj Styles vs The Pope no contest

Tna Impact 4/12/10 Review

The show opened up with Jeff Jarrett tracking down and beating up Sting. The lights went out and Sting got a bat to lay out Double J, and out ran out Hogan’s friends for the save.

Backstage Flair was going nuts. I like his promo cutting skills, even after all these years.

The Band defeated Jesse Neal & Team 3D In A New York City Street Fight

This match was all Team 3D for the most part, but it was not meant to be. Despite the match being falls count anywhere, they never left ringside. Team 3D lost with a little help from Bubba the Love Sponge. This was one of the worst street fights I’ve ever seen in my life. What a waste of time.

Kazarian vs Shannon Moore time limit draw

This match got a time limit draw. It was ok at best. Nothing too special to look at, at least I don’t remember.

Post match, Doug Williams got on the mic and ridiculed his future opponents.

Velvet Sky vs Angelina Love

This was a weird segment. Angelina Love got handcuffed and beaten up by Velvet Sky, which was ok I guess. I didn’t really care about this. Tna has completely ruined the Knockouts division.

Abyss was hit by a car…they found him dead on the ground….well not dead.

Matt Morgan introduced his new tag team partner, Amazing red!

Matt Morgan & Amazing Red defeated The Motor City Machine Guns

Morgan was taking the Machine Guns out by himself at one point, but after they started to double team him, they were able to get things done in this match up. Morgan tagged in Amazing Red, and the Machine Guns were getting worked over, after a Code Red Morgan and Red won. However, Morgan was upset that he didn’t get the pin. After the match, Morgan beat up Amazing Red.

TNA showed the worst looking grainy sped up footage of Abyss getting run over. To me it looked like Desmond Wolfe was driving or Scott Steiner, you never know, it might have been Rikishi, as he was doing it for The Rock!

Jeff Hardy defeated Robert Roode

I admit, Hardy hasn’t been as good as he was in WWE, but Robert Roode brought in some good moments. This wasn’t a complete spot fest, as Roode was able to slow down the pace at times, and made it look like he already knew what Hardy was going to do next.

This match ended with Hardy getting the pin fall win, even after James Storm interfered.

Post match Hardy was hit in the face with a fireball…I haven’t seen one of those in a long time, and it wasn’t all that great on camera. Rumor has it he really got injured, but I don’t care. Hardy is a dead pan in TNA, he needs WWE’s marketing power and opponents to make him worth while. TNA is dropping the ball with him right now.

Desmond Wolfe & Aj Styles vs The Pope no contest

This match sucked. Pope was suppose to team with Black Machismo, but was knocked out backstage by Beer Money. The Pope then got a beat down for his troubles. This was a load of crap.

The Pope, Flair, and Beer Money whipped The Pope with a belt, and that was about it. A boring end to a boring Impact, and I still have to watch this crap.

TNA IMPACT once again sucks it up, and doesn’t make me want to watch the ppv. I can’t even afford it…man I hate this crap.

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