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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 4/23/10 Results and Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 4/23/10 Results

John Morrison defeated Jack Swagger
Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre defeated Matt Hardy & R Truth
Mike Knox vs JTG
Mickie James and Beth Phoenix defeated Michelle McCool & Layla
Luke Gallows & CM Punk defeated Kane & Rey Mysterio

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 4/23/10 Review

Jack Swagger came out to a chorus of boo’s from the audience and looked confidence as the champion. He then cut a promo, and got booed more. I was already bored and it had only been like 2 minutes.

John Morrison defeated Jack Swagger

This match was interesting to note, it’s nice to see Morrison wrestling against Swagger. Swagger wasn’t as dominating as he was in other matches, but he was managing to take a lot of offense from Morrison. Morrison made some key mistakes, and the champion captilized several times. Swagger gets better and better during in ring, too bad he can’t talk that well. The ending made no sense, no sense at all. Jack Swagger was beaten by John Morrison, cleanly! Despite Swagger hitting his powerbomb, and despite dominating a good portion towards the end, Morrison managed to hit starship pain and win! I like the ending, it just doesn’t make sense to have such a weak champion, he’s always losing! What the hell kind of booking is this?

Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre defeated Matt Hardy & R Truth

When’s the last time Drew McIntyre defended his title?

How come fat-ass Matt Hard isn’t fired? They fired fat Mickie James…nevermind.

This match wasn’t all that great, and while it did have some moments, the match seemed to be going downhill when Ziggler and McIntyre kept beating up Hardy and pushing his head into the steel steps. I thought the match was going to be done, but nope, Hardy kept pushing forward and kept getting beaten.

The Referee ended the match when Matt Hardy couldn’t continue, giving the match to the heels. This was lame, Hardy is fat and sucks, he needs to get fired now.

Chris Jericho cut a promo inside of a steel cage, and it wasn’t half bad. Edge came out to interrupt, and wanted to fight Jericho, but not tonight, cause he claimed he was banged up….then he shook it off and got into the ring to reveal that he was quite alright.

Wade Barrett and Chris Jericho took turns beating up Edge and while Edge fought back, the numbers game didn’t favor him, at least early on. Edge then set up a spear and in what was a great moment of heel fury, Jericho locked Barrett inside the cage with EDGE! Edge went to town on Barrett and the crowd was all over it. Edge, despite his face turn, still can’t grab my attention. Jericho, is amazing, and works so well in his role, wow, too bad Jericho can’t carry Edge. Even Barrett is starting to make me interested in his character thanks to Jericho’s tutelage.

Mike Knox vs JTG

I’m not sure what happened in this match, because I went to get some coffee, and when I returned Shad was whipping the living daylights out of JTG with a leather belt. It was intense, but I didn’t care…these two are better off being tag teams not singles competitors.

Mickie James and Beth defeated Phoenix Michelle McCool & Layla

Mickie James’s last match was a tag match and while she appeared to have lost a little weight, she still got fired! Too bad they can’t fire fat ass Matt Hardy. Anyways, the match was ok at best, and actually had a good amount of wrestling. This might have been the longest divas match I’ve seen in WWE since the last time I said that statement.

Keeping that in mind, Layla and McCool worked on Beth Phoenix’s leg and it was quite good to see. Mickie James had some good offense, but she lost a few steps and was actually kind of sloppy if you watch closely. Despite a flurry of offense from James, Layla still managed to win this match up.

Post match Michelle McCool and Layla fought off Beth Phoenix and tried to injure her.

Luke Gallows & CM Punk defeated Kane & Rey Mysterio

This match had some great moments, and it proved that all four guys can work well in tag team matches. However, it seemed to me that the highlight of this match was Cm Punk. Punk just kept moving forward and hitting his spots with such precision, that it’s no wonder that many podcasts are calling him the best Heel in the business right now. I liked the match for what it was, I don’t think Kane and Gallows deserved to be in here, as they are not exactly in major story lines on their own. Mysterio went for the huricanrana but wasn’t succseful and Punk was able to capitilze and get the roll up pin.

Post match, Punk attacked Mysterio only to get roped into a barbers chair outside, and Mysterio was going to shave his head but Serena saved punk…for now.

Alright, this night of Smackdown wasn’t half bad, it wasn’t that great either. I am intrigued to see Extreme Rulez, but I have no money and won’t see it. If you see it, let me know, or don’t…who cares.

Smackdown does have the most wrestling of all wwe shows, which is still a great reason to tune in Friday nights.

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  1. I heard Matt is fat because he had an abdominal tear. It was pretty fucked up and he still hasn't recovered from the subsquent surgery.

    I also read somewhere that ppl will actually riot at Extreme Rules because of the releases, so i'm thinking about giving it a try.




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