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TNA Impact 3/5/2010 Results and Review

Tna Impact 3/5/2010 Results

Rob Van Dam defeated James Storm
Big Rob defeated Homicide
Anderson defeated Angle in a ladder match
The Motor City Machine Guns vs Team 3D
Doug Williams defeated Generation ME

Tna Impact 3/5/2010/ Review

On a night special time, here is the latest Impact review.

The opening segment featured Abyss, Hogan, and Double J started the show. Abyss got on the mic and delivered a promo that was lame, Hogan started talking too, I was tired.

Ric Flair showed up with his team. Desmond Wolfe, Sting, Beer Money and Aj Styles are going to be a team for Lockdown. Abyss and the other guys were in ring, nothing really happening.

Double J tried to talk to Sting, but Sting hit him with a Scorpion Death Drop, and then Flair ordered his guys to run down. RVD and Jeff Hardy started to come down to save the good guys and everyone started to fight. Man, this is so boring. This is like WCW 2000 all over again folks.

Rob Van Dam defeated James Storm

This match sucked. Van Dam is a talent, but he didn’t look all that good in this match. He just had random moves and what not. James Storm hit RVD in the head with a beer bottle after the match, but he won this one. James Storm looked fat and out of shape. RVD has had way better matches.

RVD was playing up the broken bottle injury as a million security guards came to the ring.

Big Rob defeated Homicide

This match was a squash. Homicide got a few shots into the match but overall, the match wasn’t all that great. Big Rob took a sick shot to the head with a chair after the match, but he no sold it.

Orlando Jordan showed up and poured some white stuff on himself, it was weird.

Ok, the Knockouts had a random match, it was to win keys that open up locks?

I was so frustrated with it, that I don’t even remember who won what key or whatever. The Knockouts division sucks now. They totally ruined it. Man, I’m so frustrated with Impact and it’s only ½ way through the show.
Anderson defeated Angle in a ladder match

This ladder match was boring me to death. Then out of the blue Angle fell out of the ring and it looked like he was dead. He really had a bad fall, and things started to pick up. Angle hit a sick top rope missile dropkick on the ladder was amazing. The rest of the match was ok, and the ending showed Anderson choking out Angle with a medal around his neck. It was sad. The match was for a key to the cage? Whatever.

Matt Morgan now has a dual personality gimmick? I hate my life sometimes.

The Motor City Machine Guns vs Team 3D

This match was going ok for a while, but it got boring, but luckly it was saved by The Band. No, I’m kidding. This match sucked. The band spray painted the machine guns and knocked out 3-d, and that was that. This night of impact seriously sucks.

The worst thing in TNA right now is The Band.

Doug Williams defeated Generation ME

Doug Williams beat both guys in Generation Me in singles matches. Nothing too special but it was interesting to see Doug do his moves.

Post match Shannon Moore attacked, and that was about.

The Pope vs Desmond Wolfe

This match kind of happened, but I went to the kitchen to check on dinner and this match was over. I don’t think anyone won this match, as Aj Styles ran down and beat up The Pope.

Desmond brought in a fire extinguisher and hit Abyss with it.

The women ended up opening some random strong boxes, and it was stupid. Tara got her spider back, Angelina Love is the new Knockouts champion, and Daffney had to strip tease.

I love Daffney and this was kind of hot for me, but come on! It’s a wrestling show.

Lacey Von Erich came out and stripped after hitting Daffney with the ugly stick.

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