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WWE Monday Night Raw 5/3/2010 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 5/3/2010 Results

John Cena defeated Wade Barrett
Batista defeated Daniel Bryan
Morrison defeated Ted Dibiase Jr.
Mark Henry defeated Zack Ryder
The Hart Dynasty defeated William Regal & Kozlov

WWE Monday Night Raw 5/3/2010 Review

Batista opened the show and he was spot on accurate, he showed that he didn’t lose the Last Man Standing match, but was cheated out by Cena, with a roll of duct tape. I thought it was stupid, you thought it was stupid, and Batista was letting everyone have it.

Sheamus came out and got me laughing out loud when he said HAICH…Triple HAICH! He also said that he took out the “Son in Law” and that’s why he’s not getting a title shot.

Batista defeated Daniel Bryan

This match was supposed to be between Batista and Miz, but Miz backed out and changed the match to Daniel Bryan vs Batista. Bryan got on the Mic and said that he would make Batista tap.

The match went on and yes, Batista was about to tap out! I was marking out huge for it, but nope, he got pummeled into submission then got hit with the Batista Bomb in under 5 minutes. It was insane….Daniel Bryan is getting squashed like no other right now.

John Morrison defeated Ted Dibiase Jr.

Ted fought Morrison and quit, walking away and getting counted out, but he ended up coming back when Morrison wanted the match restarted and if Morssion lost he’d have to be Dibiase’s Virgil!

The match continued and it wasn’t half way bad, I liked it. The end was something semi-creative with Ted getting the Million Dollar Dream and Morrison reversing it ala Survivor’s Series 1996.

Dibiase is still looking for an assistant.

Chris Jericho was suppose to fight Cena, but instead, he ended up exchanging his match for a match with Wade Barrett.

John Cena defeated Wade Barrett

Barrett was in full control in this match, and was definitely impressive. Barrett had Chris Jericho in his corner, and this was actually quite good. A cocky Barrett had this thing in the bag until Cena hit the STF and that was the end, he beat the time, and now he gets to pick the stipulation against Batista at over the limit.

Cena got on the mic and was going to announce the stipulation, but out came Sheamus!

Sheamus beat up Cena before he could say another word, and man, Sheamus is getting the push of his life right now. Crap, Crap, I’m actually digging Sheamus.

Maryse defeated Nikki Bella

This match was fast, and boring. I hate the divas division right now.

Mark Henry defeated Zack Ryder

I didn’t even know Zack was still with the WWE, but apparently he was. He managed to put up a good fight against Henry, but it was Mark that got the last laugh and won. This match was relatively fast, and didn’t do much for me. I thought Ryder should’ve won to build him to a Ziggler style heel, but apparently he’s just another squash guy.

The Hart Dynasty defeated William Regal & Kozlov

This match was all Regal and Kozlov, and despite their dominating move sets, The Hart Dynasty managed to win this match, and continue winning.

Post match, The Miz jumped into the ring and tried to fight the Harts, but in came Jericho to also help, and the two beat up DH Smith, and formed an unlikely pairing.

The Cutting Edge happened at this point and Edge brought out Wayne Brady. It looked interesting enough, they were having words, nothing crazy, and out came Randy Orton. Wayne Brady went to shake Orton’s hand and got a SICK RKO! That was awesome!

Edge went on the mic and begged Randy Orton to reform Rated RKO, and it was actually somewhat interesting to note.

Edge kicked Orton, and Randy Orton took his time to get up, and didn't turn around, he just waited, and waited, and upon turning around and timed perfectly an RKO as EDGE was in mid-air for a spear!

You had to see the timing, it was quite good. Wow, Orton is getting way over and he hasn't cut a promo, i like this, i like this a lot.


  1. Hey what do you think of Flavor Flav hosting WWE on 5/10? Gonna be interesting!

  2. i think it's going to be hilarious, if he doesn't anything...I'd pay to see him get an rko



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