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WWE Monday Night Raw 5/31/10 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 5/31/10 Results

R Truth defeated Chris Jericho
Santino & Eve defeated Maryse & William Regal
Daniel Bryan defeated The Miz
John Cena & Evan Bourne defeated Edge & Sheamus

WWE Monday Night Raw 5/31/10 Review

I almost forgot that Raw was on tonight, as I’ve been jaded by wrestling lately, but I managed to check it out, and here’s my thoughts, and what not.

The Show opened up with Edge beating up Evan Bourne, but Bourne started to fight back and Edge was taking shots and looked weak against the high flyer. It’s important to understand that this was not a match, it was just the beginning of Raw. Bourne missed the shooting star press, and Edge got his bearings back only to hit the spear.

Edge got on the mic, and it was boring, I don’t like Edge right now, he’s not that great. Edge went on and on about the Fatal Fourway, I hate the fact that we might have to see Edge vs John Cena yet again. I’ve already seen them wrestle a million times.

Randy Orton came out to interrupt and while Edge ran his mouth, Orton simply hit the RKO and got on the ropes, that’s about it.

Let it be known yet again, that I hate the Raw Guest Hosts, I’m sick of them.

R Truth defeated Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho was like a man possessed during this match, and Truth was having a hard time fighting back. Jericho found a way to keep attacking, and controlling the match with relative ease. It’s interesting that Truth is the champion, yet Jericho was winning for the most part. Truth apparently isn’t the strongest champion, but I was predicting a superhero roll up and come back, ala John Cena. Of course, I was right, and Jericho lost out of the blue. Truth rolled out of the Walls of Jericho and won with ease.

Jericho seemed sad afterwards, and maybe he’s going to take time off. The match wasn’t that great, although it was longer than the average Raw match, or so it seemed. I liked it, although I didn’t like the predictable super hero ending, and recovering after a long beating. I wish there was a strong champion, that was just good, not easily worn down, but then miraculously fine at the end.

Santino & Eve defeated Maryse & William Regal

In a match that you would of missed if you blinked, Santino managed to win this match with a little help of Kozlov. This match was nothing more than filler, to say the least. Santino is ok, sometimes.

Bret Hart came out to cut a promo, I don’t know, I wasn’t paying too much attention, since my stream was lagging like crazy. He announced a three hour special for next week’s Raw with all talent, and forget the draft.

Ted Dibiase Jr came out with Virgil and got on the mic. He wanted to buy the general manager position next week. Ashton came on the screen and called for a viewers choice instead, and Bret agreed.

Vince McMahon showed up. That’s right, the real Mr. Mcmahon, the character, strutting to the ring, the guy they said was dead, is now back. Dibiase left, and McMahon got into the ring with Bret Hart. McMahon just said good luck to Bret Hart and that’s about it. Nothing crazy, nothing special, just random compliments and afterwards he left the ring and that’s that.

Orton got ambushed in the back by Edge, and this could be a way of writing Orton off the ppv.

Daniel Bryan defeated The Miz

In a shocker of sorts, Daniel Bryan squared off against THE MIZ! I kid you not, THE MIZ fought DANIEL BRYAN! What the heck? This was definitely peaking my interest in wrestling.

This match was back and forth for a few moments, then it was Daniel Bryan with the pin, and the win!

Post match The Miz threw Bryan out of the ring and that was that. Daniel Bryan pinned the Miz and won the match. Daniel Bryan got the best of the exchange by throwing Miz into Michael Cole at ring side.

The Rikishi kids cut a promo. I didn’t care. Whatever. They need to prove something to me, new tag teams won’t last anyways. New tag teams always get split up within 2 years time. Unless the WWE is turning things around, which is highly unlikely.

I guess since there’s no tag team division, any “tag team” that attacks the champions gets a title shot? I guess that’s what I get for trying to rationalize professional wrestling.

The Hart Dynasty came out and tried to fight, and they got beat up. I still don’t care.

Zack Ryder was in ring and Jerry Lawler came in and sat down. The Great Khali came out, and apparently was going to wrestle Ryder? What happened to Kahli taking time off and what not? I thought he was done? Oh well. Khali came in the ring and he was getting cheer in light of Ryder and Lawler and Kutcher on screen.

Goldust then came out. That’s right, Goldust. Ryder was frantic and Kutcher was going to reveal Ryder’s opponent, and it just wasn’t happening, and I was bored again. Until Alicia Fox knocked Ryder out, for what seemed like no reason…it was dumb, and I didn’t care.

So at around 7:41 pm EST the show was getting really boring, and this was just another Also, at t his point there were only 3 matches, lots of drivel, and a lot of boredom. With a roster as large as the WWE’s, you’d think there’d actually be wrestling on the show, but nope.

John Cena & Evan Bourne defeated Edge & Sheamus

Well, well, Evan Bourne was given a shot at the main event with John Cena. Since Orton re-injured his shoulder, the WWE put Bourne in there for this tag team match, and it’ll be interesting to see if he gets more opportunities like this. Bourne is a smaller guy, so he’s not exactly a gem for the WWE, but maybe they’ll figure it out and utilize his skills to their advantage. It’d b e nic,e if they brought back the Cruiserweight belt, that’s for sure

Bourne was hitting every move in his arsenal against Edge as the show went to break, which is interesting to note for sure. When Raw returned from break, Sheamus was doing a number on Cena, but Cena fought back and Evan Bourne got the tag and was taking it to Sheamus with ease, but that was short lived as Sheamus got control over the much smaller opponent.

The match was your standard tag team match, with neither team truly getting an upper hand. There was the signature “Cena” hot tag and he was on fire against Sheamus and Edge at one point. It’s funny to see Sheamus not know how to counter the obvious offense of Cena, even though a few weeks ago he had counters for nearly everything. Sheamus did turn things around and looked to have this thing in the bag, but nope, Cena hit an Attitude Adjustment and this thing was in the books as Edge threw himself out of the ring. The good guys win, as if there was any doubt and Cena is once again super Cena.

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