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TNA Impact 5/20/10 Results and Review

TNA Impact 5/20/10 Results

Roxxi defeated Madison Rayne
Orlando Jordan defeated Rob Terry
Kaz won a X-Division Battle Royal
Rob Van Dam & Jay Lethal defeated Beer Money
Erik Young defeated Shannon Moore
Jeff Hardy defeated Sting

TNA Impact 5/20/10 Review

I dread having to review TNA Impact, and missed it live, because I was traveling to Cambridge, Idaho. I’m back now, and am going to update reviews all around…

The show opened with Eric Bischoff, and the announcement of who the top ten contenders are for the TNA Championship.

The top 10 rankings were announced from #10 to #1.

#10 Samoa Joe
#9 Rob Terry
#8 Desmond Wolfe
#7 The Pope
#6 Abyss
#5 Mr. Anderson
#4 Jeff Hardy
#3 Aj Styles
#2 Kurt Angle
#1 Sting

This doesn’t make sense. The TNA Ranking system DOES NOT MAKE SENSE AT ALL! That’s right, this is BS! The voting didn’t count, the whole stupid system is dumb, and worthless. I hate this, TNA sucks, whoever is booking TNA sucks. Seriously, FIRE ALL THE TNA WRITERS! FIRE EM! This makes absolutely NO SENSE NO SENSE AT ALL! This is the worst promotion ever, not even WCW 2000 sucked this bad.

Sting came out and attacked Eric Bischoff with a baseball bat! Abyss came in to help, but got beat up. Jeff Hardy stole the baseball bat, and the two would stare each other down….they’ll fight each other later tonight.

Sting kicked Hardy in the nuts, and was ready to hit him with a bat, when Rob Van Dam came out and things changed….whatever.

Roxxi defeated Madison Rayne

Roxxi is back and she doesn’t look nearly as good as I remembered her.

This match was fast, and wasn’t all that great, with Roxxi winning after the Voodoo Drop. This was stupid. I am starting to really hate the knockout division. The match was one sided for the most part, and wasn’t all that good, and was disappointing, to say the least.

Kurt Angle came out and cut a promo, he said that he would wrestle all the top 10, and won’t be #2. Whatever. No one cares about Kurt Angle.

Orlando Jordan defeated Rob Terry

This match sucked, apparently Terry had a messed up knee and he was getting worked. Orlando won but it didn’t like Rob tapped, and that was that. What a stupid match.

Rob Van Dam & Jay Lethal defeated Beer Money

This too was stupid. I don’t believe that Beer Money should be losing to a hot shot team. It was interesting to see, and it had some good spots, but overall this match wasn’t worthwhile. RVD and Lethal win with relative ease, and that was that.

Post match, Ric Flair came down and fought Lethal on the ramp all the way back to the backstage area.

Sting came out and attacked RVD with a chair, and hit him in the head…it was stupid. The weakest chairshot to the head I’ve ever seen.

Abyss was supposed to get Chelsea for 30 days, and upon transferring ownership, Desmond Wolfe kicked him in the nuts and then broke a bottle and cut him. Yes, he used a broken bottle to slice Abyss in the arm, then he was going to slice Chelsea too. This was so stupid, seriously, this was just stupid, I don’t understand what TNA is thinking. I hated this segment, and there’s no need for it…I’m sick of this crap. FIRE ALL THE TNA WRITERS!

Erik Young defeated Shannon Moore

I never thought a Piledriver would be so devastating. Young won this match with the classic move, and this match was stupid. Team 3D got involved with Jesse Neal, Scott Hall cost Moore the match. Bubba ray ran down and beat up Jesse Neal at one point too.

Scott Hall got arrested this weekend, so maybe that’s going to be over too.

Bubba Ray, post match, yelled at Neal, and no one could stop him. It’s stupid.

Kaz won a X-Division Battle Royal

This match was lame too. Sure there were some high spots, but KAZ sucks, and him steam rolling through the X-Division doesn’t make sense to me. The X-Division is just an afterthought at this point.

Jeff Hardy defeated Sting

This match was all Sting, that’s right, Sting had this in the bag. Anderson got involved and did a Scorpion Death Drop on Sting, and Hardy won. This match was stupid.

I heard that Sting has a messed up shoulder.

Anderson then raised Jeff Hardy’s hand, and was trying to be his friend. Hardy then pushed Anderson and this was just an odd segment. The crowd was cheering Anderson completely, and it seemed like he was being turned face. However, before anything could develop Sting brought in the baseball bat and started to fight Hardy and Anderson with the bat. Such a stupid event.

I hated this night of TNA, I think it’s the worst wrestling show on tv, and they should just go back to classic wrestling, instead of what it is right now.

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