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TNA Impact 5/27/10 Results and Review

TNA Impact 5/27/10 Results

Kaz defeated Jay Lethal
Ink Inc. defeated Team 3D and The Band in a triple threat match
Orlando Jordan vs Abyss dq style finish when desmond interfered
The Beautiful People defeated Taylor Wilde & Sarita
Desmond Wolfe defeated Jeff Hardy
Aj Styles defeated Mr. Anderson

TNA Impact 5/27/10 Review

I can not stress enough how crappy it is for me to watch wrestling right now. I have to try and find a quality stream of the events live, and my internet is less than it's just a bad thing all around.

But I managed to find a good stream of the event, and i watched it live..on my first day without cable.

So here we go, an attempt to review wrestling based on the streaming live event.

Jeff Hardy came out and tried to cut a promo, prompting Mr. Anderson to come out and try to explain his actions as of late. I was already tired of TNA and it had only been like 2 minutes time. The two started talking and it was interestint o say the least.

Aj Styles came out to interupt, and it appeared that Mr. Anderson's face turn was nearly complete. His music played ad it was just odd.

Styles will face Anderson later tonight.

Ink Inc. defeated Team 3D and The Band in a triple threat match

This match was slow, and yielded the youngsters doing most of the work. I didn't really like how it played out. It was kind of boring, and when Ink Inc won this one, I was just glad it was over.

At the next ppv, Jesse Neal will face Bubba Ray Dudley.

Kaz and Ric Flair talked to Christy Hemme, and Aj Styles was looking jealous backstage.

Kaz defeated Jay Lethal

This match had solid work, I liked it at first, and it was going forward with relative ease, however, when the chips fell and Ric Flair showed up, I wasn't into it anymore. Lethal's "bland" character isn't all that great, and is kind of boring now.

Post match Styles beat up Lethal, and then my stream cut

Thank God for the iPhone! I was able to stream TNA Impact via my iphone and we’re back in action folks.

Orlando Jordan vs Abyss dq style finish when desmond interfered

I hate when matches end without an announcement of who won, or what happened. This match was terrible, but after the match some of the best things happened.

When the match was over, after Desmond Wolfe interfered, Orlando Jordan and Desmond beat the crap out of Abyss. This was ended by Rob Terry coming down the ring and knocking out Orlando Jordan. If we get a hot-shot tag team out of this, I’m going to be upset.

Rob Van Dam came out and tried to call out Sting, but Sting just talked form the rafters and it was stupid. Sting sucks now, in fact, Sting has sucked for many many years. When was the last time Sting was actually good?

Seriously, when?

I would say 1994.

The Beautiful People defeated Taylor Wilde & Sarita

This match was terrible. The Beautiful people, despite not being able to wrestle that well, managed to defeat two women that actually know how to wrestle quite well. I guess that’s just the state of women’s wrestling today.

Post match, the midget wrestler Puppet, got beat up by the Beautiful People, lame.

Desmond Wolfe defeated Jeff Hardy

This match wasn’t that bad, but it definitely wasn’t great. Hardy works well with Wolfe, and after a ref bump, Wolfe knocked out Hardy with a roll of quarters or something, and that was that. This match was over. Nothing crazy, just Wolfe winning with a foreign object, that’s it.

Matt Morgan was in the ring talking about getting a tag team partner, and when Samoa Joe came out, Morgan left.

Aj Styles defeated Mr. Anderson

This match was not great at all. In fact, it was really boring with no major high spots that I can remember. It was a stale mate in my view, and most of the match was just back and forth minor moves. The match didn’t even have either man breaking a real sweat. The match seemed to be losing steam and Styles rolled up Anderson and cheated to win, and it was a pinfall victory.

TNA sucked yet again, but at least I got to stream it, wow…I love it.

Post match, as TNA ended, Beer Money came down and beat up Anderson. I guess he’s a face now.

Jeff Hardy ran down with a chair and cleared the ring. I guess he’s friends with Anderson now? This whole convoluted wrestling show sucks.

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