Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WWE NXT 5/18/2010 Results and Review

WWE NXT 5/18/2010 Results

Wade Barrett defeated Darren Young
Justin Gabriel defeated Heath Slater

WWE NXT 5/18/2010 Review

Wade Barrett defeated Darren Young

This match was ok, Barrett once again won, and it was nice to see. Darren Young had a few good moments, but he made some rookie mistakes, and eventually got put away with that fireman’s carry finisher. Wade is ok, but I don’t think he’s that great.

Daniel Bryan and Michael Tarver were given the mic to talk about why they were eliminated, and it was ok. That is until Daniel went after Stryker and Michael Cole! He went nuts and even attacked Michael Cole until they had to restrain him.


Justin Gabriel defeated Heath Slater

This was an adequate match, and the best part was the ending. Justin Gabriel’s 450 Splash is insane, it’s one of the best things in Wrestling right now. It’s crisp, it looks natural, and it doesn’t get messed up like Juvi’s or the Shooting Star press by Kidman, it looks nice. Slater did some good moves too, but wow, that 450 is amazing.

Michael Cole quit the broadcast booth.

Darren Young was eliminated from NXT.

Michael Cole came back.

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