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TNA Impact 5/4/2010 Results and Review

TNA Impact 5/4/2010 Results

Ink Inc defeated Kendrick and Doug Williams
The Beautiful People defeated Taylor Wilde, Tara, Sarita
Team 3D vs The Motor City Machine Gun vs Beer Money
Aj Styles defeated Abyss in a monsters ball match
Rob Van Dam defeated Desmond Wolfe

TNA Impact 5/4/2010 Review

The show opened up with Jay Lethal pretending to be Ric Flair. He was doing really well and he was getting the crowd going really well. Ric Flair came out, and Jay Lethal dropped character and apologized and completely changed his demeanor. It was great, it was great, Lethal was wearing the ring. It was a great segment, I loved it, I absolutely loved it. The crowd was booing the crap about Jay Lethal’s impersonation.

He then cut a promo about how he wanted to be Flair and it was a tribute, not an insult.

Ric Flair and Jay Lethal started to brawl and Lethal put Flair in a figure four and out came the calvary. They all beat up Lethal and thrust him into the main event scene.

I did noticed that it seemed a little racist considering four white guys were beating up one Black Machismo, one of them whipping him with a belt! Now, I normally don’t give a crap, but after listening to last weeks smart wrestling fan, Joe “The Idiot” Negron has me thinking about race relations in TNA!

I don’t think it is racist, but I’m sure I’ll hear about it on the podcast circuit.

Hogan and Bischoff were on a limo and turned it around and showed up to ringside as a brawl was happening with half of the roster beating each other up. Hogan beat up the bad guys, and then set up some matches for later tonight.

The most important thing to note from this opening of Impact is the fact that the show would include Desmond Wolfe and RVD for the title tonight, which is what the tna fans wanted according to votes on their website.

Ink Inc defeated Kendrick and Doug Williams

This match wasn’t half bad, it featured a new tag team that looks similar and could end up being a great force to contend with in the TNA roster. The match was fast, and relatively short.

Post match Kendrick and Williams got into an argument, but Samoa Joe stopped both of them on their way to the back and knocked them both out, and then dragged Kendrick into the ring and hit a muscle buster.

Joe shaved his “heel” beard, maybe he’s not a bad guy anymore.

Backstage Anderson was dressed as an Altar Boy and was beating up The Pope, and eventually smashed him with some equipment before walking away. I thought it was clever and a naturally progression of their feud.

Jeff Hardy came down and beat up Anderson, then stripped him, and got him to agree to a match.

While I like the feuds, I like Anderson, and can appreciate a match, I feel like the show is setting up too much too fast, without any wresting to go along with it. In fact, we’re an hour into the show, and only one match has occurred.

The Beautiful People defeated Taylor Wilde, Tara, Sarita

This match was short, it sucked, and featured minimal wrestling. The Knockouts used to put ona great show, but now? It just sucks.

Team 3D vs The Motor City Machine Gun vs Beer Money

This match was lame. It was thrown out after some good back and forth action, by The Band.

Apparently, Erik Young is now part of the Band? Not even a close swerve, lame. This match sucked, the swerve sucked, and the whole thing was stupid.

The O Zone featuring Orlando Jordan started and it was sick. Rob Terry was not on the show, it was a cardboard cut out.

Rob Terry came out and beat up Orlando for a moment, but then got jumped by Orlando and it was crazy, and reminded me of the old Goldust violence. Jordan than grabbed this huge pot or fountain looking thing and dropped it on Terry! I like this slow build to a feud, and it’s a breath of fresh air. They aren’t giving you the match just yet, they keep building and building, and it will explode, soon enough.

Aj Styles defeated Abyss in a monsters ball match

This type of match usually is at a ppv, not on free tv, which is fine, if given time. This match had some great timing, with Abyss getting the best of Styles a lot of the time, with weapons and more. Even though Abyss hit some heavy artillery, Styles had a hard time fighting the big man. Abyss got distracted by Chelsea and cost him the match. The finish was rushed, but it had a few good moments, so it wasn’t a complete throwaway.

Rob Van Dam defeated Desmond Wolfe

A fast match, but it had all the good spots that you would expect. Desmond nearly had the champ, but after a huge Five Star Frog Splash across more than half of the ring! I liked it, it was short, sweet, and worked out well.

The night ended with Hogan and Sting arguing and ended up with Double J trying to beat up Sting, before the night ended.

Overall not a terrible Impact, and they are now moving to Thursdays, and I actually liked the show. I think there’s a TON more people on the roster, but 2 hours? I guess they need something like 3 hours to fit it all.

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