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WWE Monday Night Raw 11/22/10 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 11/22/10 Results

Sheamus defeated R Truth
Ezekiel Jackson defeated Alex Riley
Daniel Bryan defeated Ted Dibiase
Natalya defeated Alicia Fox
Morrison defeated Tyson Kidd
Randy Orton defeated Wade Barrett
The Miz defeated Randy Orton

WWE Monday Night Raw 11/22/10 Review

One night after Survivor Series, and we get this night of Raw...after Survivor Series, I was completely left dumbfounded, and could only imagine what was going to go down...so here it goes, how it happened:

Nexus was in ring talking trash. The imaginary general manager chimed in, and wanted to talk, and he said that Wade Barrett will face off against Randy Orton for the WWE title....TONIGHT!

Wade Barrett said that he will allow John Cena to come back to Raw tonight.

Next week will be the King of The Ring tournament. Cm Punk was on the color commentary tonight and it was great, Punk on the mic and on the headset is amazing.

Sheamus defeated R Truth

Sheamus was aggressive and made the pace of this match really good, and it wasn't half bad. Sheamus is a massive guy and it showed when he wrestled a much leaner R Truth. Truth hit some nice spots, and top rope hits, but it was the HIGH CROSS that hit Truth into the mat and he lost this one. Sheamus moves on to the King of the Ring tournament. This was no burial, there were some nice spots here, and both men put on a good amount of offensive before it was all said and done.

Ezekiel Jackson defeated Alex Riley

Riley got squashed completely, and Jackson wins with ease. I don't care.

John Cena gave his last speech and the crowd was completely split in half. It was completely uproarious, and that was that. I guess Cena is officially out for now. I don't know why.

Daniel Bryan defeated Ted Dibiase

This match was good again, and Bryan proved yet again that he has what it takes to be in WWE. This wasn't as good as last night, but it still had a good amount of impact. He will now qualify for the King of the RIng tournament, and now the Bella Twins are all over Bryan...lucky, lucky dude.

Natalya defeated Alicia Fox

Terrible match, but I guess that's expected.

Morrison defeated Tyson Kidd

Kidd sucks. Morrison breezed through this one, and that was that. Not much here.

Randy Orton was headed out to the ring for his match and Nexus attacked him. They beat him up completely, and left him for dead! That's right, Nexus was completely dominant here, ambushing Orton. No one came to his rescue either, the ref's forced Nexus back, but the damage was done.

Randy Orton defeated Wade Barrett

Orton came out for this match and his knee was hurt, and it showed. Barrett cruised through the majority of this match and Orton looked like he was completely lost here. Wade nearly had this won, but out of the crowd ran JOHN CENA, beat up Wade Barett and ORTON WON THE MATCH! ORTON WINS!

The crowd was all over this match, and the run in was awesome. Orton defeats Wade Barrett again, and I'm left wondering who is left to challenge for the WWE title, but whatever...what a good overall match up.

Then we heard...none other than....


THE MIZ defeated Randy Orton

I marked out huge, I was going completely nuts for this. Alex Riley was at ring side. Orton was attacking Orton right away, and this thing was taking off! I was marking out huge! THE RKO seemed easy and it was nearly hit but NO, THE SKULL CRUSHING FINALE was hiT and THE MIZ WINS! THE MIZ IS THE NEW WWE CHAMPION! THE MIZ THE MIZ THE MIZ AWESOME!




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