Monday, August 27, 2007

Summerslam Afterthoughts

After a long absence from PPV I finally broke down and ordered one. WWE Summerslam was better than I had originally expected. I knew HHH was going to win over Booker, I knew Rey Mysterio was going to win, and the rest of the night had some good spots too.

John Cena and that leg drop, man oh man, that was cooler than I had anticipated.Randy Orton put up a great fight and I thought for sure he was going to win it. He of course fell short, but man, what a close match. The crowd was way into both men, and were heard cheering loudly through all aspects of the match. Even a rest hold from Orton got cheers.

Umaga and the triple threat match had me thinking Kennedy was going to take it. proved otherwise. Oh well.

Rey Mysterio in silver paint was really weird. He's a lot slower and seems fatter now.

HHH looked lean and up to the challenge. The missed Harlem Hangover had me screaming out loud! I haven't seen that move in a while.

Cm Punk getting screwed was lame.

No Jackass on the funny is that?

That's about it. The show was kind of cool, and well worth the price. I liked it.

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  1. I agree man. Mysterio's paint was weird, and he did seem fatter and slower. A little bit of a let down, but still should be fun to see him back.

  2. John cena sucks man! The guy only does 4 moves!!! He should be stripped of the tittle just for being stupid

  3. I thought this was a site for REAL wwe comments. One were you speak the TRUTH. But this is just ridiculous. You cant like EVERYTHING, i mean honestly the show has gotten pretty bad.
    Especially when we are used to Kurt Angle, Stone Cold, The Rock and Brock Lesnar.
    john cena, kennedy and carlito. This show has gotten as bad as it can

  4. thanks for all the comments...i try hard...sometimes i just enjoy some no brainer crap...i'm a wrestling fan...



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