Friday, November 26, 2010

TNA Impact 11/26/10 Results and Review

TNA Impact 11/26/10 Results

Tommy Dreamer defeated Rhino in a street fight
Sarita defeated Madison Rayne
Jeff Jarrett defeated Jesse Neal in an MMA match
Matt Morgan, The Pope, Samoa Joe, and Douglas Williams vs Beer Money, Kaz, and Aj Styles

TNA Impact 11/26/10 Review

I'm not a big TNA fan, but I keep reviewing it in hopes of something good happening, so here we go, another Thursday night of wrestling, another post on this old blog.

Here we go....Tna Impact.

Matt Morgan cut a promo, and Doug Williams joined too, and it was just see the two of them together on the same page.

Tommy Dreamer defeated Rhino in a street fight

This streetfight was terrible. Tommy Dreamer and Rhino put together a crap brawl, and it was "hardcore" i guess, but it wasn't all that good. Both wrestlers were completely winded, and just didn't seem to care too much, except for maybe dreamer, as he gave some lame promo about friendship. This match was bad, trust me, this match was bad.

Post match, Rhino threw Tommy Dreamer straight through a table. That prompted RVD to come down with a chair and chase Rhino away.

Highlights were shown of last week's Reaction where the Motor City Machine Guns fought Generation Me in an "empty arena" match. It was stupid.

Sarita defeated Madison Rayne

This was an impromptu wrestling match of sorts, and I wasn't sure what was going on, but Sarita wins a non title match. It was an ok affair, and the two women put on a very basic match with a roll up win.

Jeff Jarrett defeated Jesse Neal in an MMA match

This match was stupid. Jarrett hit Neal with a guitar and won the match up. This was bad, just bad, I can't say more, this was just the worst match I've seen in a long time.

Brother Ray cut a promo on Devon, it was more of the same.

Matt Morgan, The Pope, Samoa Joe, and Douglas Williams Beer Money, Kaz, and Aj Styles

This match wasn't all that great. It was an ok 8 man tag, but for the most part it was just rushed and didn't really melt well. THe match wasn't half bad towards the end, and I was finally starting to get into it. Doug Williams was nearly pinned several times during this match up, and it seems that he's the only one that can really work well with heels. Matt Morgan ended up taking on Robert Roode and Aj Styles attacking him, and guess what?

TNA IMPACT ended with the match still going, and I gave up. I don't have reaction and I don't watch it, so that was that. I don't know what happened and I don't care. If you saw Reaction that's cool, I'm not going to try and watch another show...F IT. TNA SUCKS. I can't believe they do this bs, and well, screw over the little hope of gaining fans.

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