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WWE Monday Night Raw 11/15/10 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 11/15/10 Results

Dolph Ziggler defeated Sexual Chocolate Mark Henry
Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater defeated The Hart Dynasty
Ezekiel Jackson defeated The Brooklyn Brawler
John Cena defeated Alex Riley
Kozlov and Santino defeated The Usos w/ Jimmy Snuka
Kofi Kingston defeated David Otunga
Wade Barrett defeated R Truth
Alberto Del Rio defeated Sgt. Slaughter
Mae Young defeated Laycool in a falls count anywhere match
Daniel Bryan defeated Jack Swagger

WWE Monday Night Raw 11/15/10 Review

The night was supposed to be a special 3 hour "Old School" broadcast. It had a cool opening, and everything in the arena looked "old school", which is quite cool. I was actually a bit excited for this night of wrestling.

Mean Gene Okerlund was introduced and he was on the "interview" stand.

Cowboy Bob Orton was introduced and interviewed...not half bad. They set up a match, but I was distracted.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Sexual Chocolate Mark Henry

This match wasn't half bad, Mark Henry put on a good match because he was being carried by Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler won after implementing his sleeper on Henry.

Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater defeated The Hart Dynasty

DH Smith was the main man in this match, getting the better of Nexus at first, but after the Nexus came back for their second wind, Tyson Kidd turned on Smith and that was that. DH Smith got kicked in the face and that was that.

Orton said he was going to punt Cena tonight.

THE FINK was the next in ring announcer! FINKEL's BACK!

The Brooklyn Brawler & Harvey Wippleman came out next. He issued an open challenge to anyone in the "new school".

Ezekiel Jackson defeated The Brooklyn Brawler

Brawler lost a squash, Jackson wins.

John Cena defeated Alex Riley

Alex Riley took the place of The Miz in a match against cena. I got distracted by The Simpsons "Treasure Trove" #2 and missed the finish, but I'm sure it was the five moves of doom and a win for Cena. Alex Riley did ok, but he got buried, as is the custom for Cena. Miz came into the ring...and they brawled after the match

Post match, Cena and Orton started fighting and out came the ref's to try and stop them. This is a sure sign of a Heel turn, if you ask me. The same thing happened in 1997 weeks before Summerslam, where Shawn Michaels turned heel.

It was announced that Orton and Cena would be on Piper's Pit later tonight.

The Iron Shiek and Nikolai Volkoff were in the ring, and Fink asked the crowd to rise for national anthem.

The singing prompted Kozlov and Santino to show up. I will say it again, the SANTINO shirt is awesome! More on that later.

Kozlov and Volkoff tried to sing the Russian national anthem as a duet, but Santino changed up the song. He introduced none other than SLICK! The reverend SLICK! The segment was stopped by THe Uso brothers. The next match would be a #1 contenders match, with none other than JIMMY SUPERFLY SNUKA!

Kozlov and Santino defeated The Usos w/ Jimmy Snuka

This match was ok at best. Kozlov did a lot of the heavy lifting, and Santino was the one that got the pinfall after he hit the Cobra. I didn't hate the match, and Santino has been moving forward, that is until out came Sheamus.

Post match, Sheamus hit the bro kick on the Usos and Kozlov, but was then taken out by John Morrison.

I like the Nexus zip up hoodie, I might have to pick one up.

I was under the impression that R Truth was going to get fed to Otunga, but instead here comes KOFI KINGSTON! I guess that's what happens when I take bathroom breaks during Raw.

Kofi Kingston defeated David Otunga

This match was going good for David Otunga and mid-match, out came George "The Animal" Steele and he at the turnbuckle. Then Kingston hit Trouble in Paradise after utilizing the exposed ring post, and won the match. Not a great match, but everyone should enjoy seeing Otunga on the losing end of things.

The Million Dollar Belt was returned to The original Million Dollar Man and then was given to Ted Dibiase Jr backstage...but Jr said to keep it. Lots of jabs between Cody Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes, Dusty Rhodes, IRS and Kelly Kelly...yep. OH and TATANKA came out too! Oh and Hacksaw too! They had a backstage party and then..RON SIMMONS....DAMN!

Wade Barrett defeated R Truth

This was an easy match, Wade won without much troubles. Sure, Truth didn't get buried or squashed, but it was just the same to me.

Alberto Del Rio was introduced by Tito Santana and he was escorted out by CHAVO CLASSIC.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Sgt. Slaughter

Slaughter slapped on the Cobra Clutch and that got a huge pop, and I admit, I was marking out huge for that. Del Rio of course, would not get squashed by Sgt. Slaughter, but the match was a nice touch of old schoo meets new school. The Cobra Clutch got slapped on mid match again and that prompted some nice cheers, but it was not meant to be as Del Rio swewed up this match up with a kick to the back of the head.

Mae Young defeated Laycool in a falls count anywhere match

Laycool got on the mic and made fun of Mae Young, but that prompted Mae Young to ask for a match. The match happened and the divas beat up Laycool and let Mae Young get some nice hits in! MAE YOUNG with the help from the divas beat up Laycool!


Michael Cole heeled it up...I hate Michael Cole he sucks I hate him...ugh. I feel like a teenager.

Daniel Bryan defeated Jack Swagger

Match of the year candidate on paper, that's right folks, I marked out huge when Jack The All American, American, American, American, American Swagger.

Just hearing JR call this match, made the match that much better and it was definitely some of the best wrestling I've seen in a long time from WWE. Swagger shut down Bryan's fast paced offense, and Bryan just kept trying to get shots in. The match spilled out to the ring, and this was definitely feeling old school. Swagger took a stiff shot to the face with a missile dropkick from Bryan. I kid you not, Bryan's Missile Dropkick nearly took Swagger's head off, and it was awesome. Cole kept jumpin in and sucked it up, I hated it. Swagger couldn't put away Bryan, and kept trying to fight, but it wasn't helping. Bryan Daniel won with a HUGE kick to the head, knocking out Swagger cold!

Post match, Ted Dibiase Jr hit Dream Street on Daniel Bryan. Now Daniel Bryan has a new challenger to his United States title! This feud has legs, and if the WWE continues to book things like this, the belts will once again mean something, and that's the great thing to the feud's potential.

I swear, Michael Cole needs to get fired. I'd rather have Tony Shciavone come back, I'd rather have TAZ and Mike Tenay than MICHAEL COLE, cause he sucks. UGH! Michael Cole is the worst announcer ever.

Hot Rod Rowdy Roddy Piper came out and started Piper's Pit, and man, no one can talk like the Hot Rod. I absolutely love Hot Rod, he's the man. His guests of course were John Cena and Randy Orton.

Wade Barrett came out and got on the mic before Orton ever came out, and Cena was told that he'd get fired if Barrett didn't win. Barrett forced Cena to wear the Nexus t-shirt!!!

Orton eventually made his way down to the ring, but it was an afterthought. Orton threatened John Cena but instead of fighting Cena, he fought Wade Barrett! Cena got in front of Wade Barrett before Orton could hit the RKO! Then Cena got hit with a HUGE RKO!

Cena was about to get punted but Orton hit the Attitude Adjustment on ORTON!

CAN CENA TURN HEEL! The last shot of the show was Barrett and Cena confident over a fallen Randy Orton...but alas, Barrett got an AA for his troubles and Cena threw his Nexus shirt at Barrett!

I'm not sure what the WWE has planned, and that's the good thing here. I'm actually intrigued about the possibilities that will arise this weekend! OH MAN! OH MAN!

I'm excited for once about WWE PPV and you should be too. Best Raw ever? I don't know, but it was dang good!

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