Monday, January 22, 2007

Bam Bam Gone and WWE Sucking It Up

15+ Major stars were fired from WWE and just like that there's no more under-card for ECW. This is a major triumph for all those people that wanted to take over ECW, because now there's nothing more than wwe wrestlers and McMahon's stupid decisions.

Mark this another failure. XFL and Now the enterance of ECW is foiled by shotty booking and horrible decision making.

I maybe a fan, but I know t least a little bit of what it takes to move crowds. That's not over production, and huge stadiums. If ECW wants to succeed, put them in the east coast and tour them in small venues that can only hold several hundreds, not thousands. Just several hundreds, and charge less for merch and see the place go nuts when special guests come to show up unannounced.

With BAM BAM gone, I think there's an era of high development. This guy was huge, in stature and in charisma, and how come there's no new big guys?

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