Friday, January 19, 2007

WWE Smackdown

Tonight Smackdown is going to be on televisions around the globe. All except mine. You see I don't have an antenna hooked up to my television which means I will not be watching anything related to wrestling unless it's on dvd or I download it myself.

So I read the spoilers!

I remember when I was a kid no one would know what happened at the ppv until the very next night on raw or nitro. WCW was notorious for not letting everyone see or know what happened the night before until the commentary would mention it and that wasn't even that well done.

I saw the trailer for the new Wrestling Society X show on mtv and it doesn't look half bad. It actually has some great production value, and there is some very good talent over there. I hope that they can out-do all the other wrestling promotions and start a national tour going.

Speaking of tours, I have 2 tickets to wwe no way out I need to get off my hands. Hopefully I can get those sold sooner than later.

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