Monday, January 22, 2007

The Fired guys

So there was 20 total people fired during the clean up of WWE this last week. And here are all the names:

Sylvester Terkay, CW (Christopher W.) Anderson, Jazz, Rodney Mack, Tony Mamaluke, The Bashams (Danny and Doug), Al Snow (as a wrestler) , The Gymini (Shane Brothers), and Gangrel were all released on January 18th. Chris (Tatanka) Chavis, along with OVW wrestlers Seth Skyfire, Jack Bull, and Ryan Reeves were released on January 19. Deep South Wrestling Head trainer Bill DeMott, Mike Taylor, Tracy Taylor, Tony Salantri and Thomas Farra from Deep South Wrestling were fired on January 20.

That's right, all those guys got fired with no major mercy or anything along those things. This is dumb.

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