Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho came out in ECW, but I didn’t notice him until 1998. I was sitting in my room and there was a bright new cruiserweight championship and he was on a major roll. He was defeating all the major talent in WCW that was in the cruiserweight division. First he defeated the man of 1,000 moves, that’s Dean Malenko. Then he went forward and defeated Rey Mysterio Jr. in a battle for that belt that has not been seen since. He reversed the top rope hurricanrana and put it into the lion tamer. He then followed that up by beating Juventud Guerrera out of his mask at Superbrawl VIII, and after that he went through the Ice Man, and Prince Iuekea! That’s right all those guys and he beat them all. He then went forward to defeat Rey Mysterio Jr. and after the smoke cleared from 10 months of winning, he wrestled this new comer who hog tied him and turned his winning streak into oblivion.

Then out of the world of WCW’s ashes Jericho came into the WWE and made a major name for himself uniting the then separate championship belts by defeating not only the Rock but Stone Cold.

Now where is he?

He’s chasing this dream of being a Rockstar, but no one is listening. I love Chris Jericho on the mic and think he can throwdown in the ring too, but where is Chris and when is he going to show that lionheart that he had in 1998? The streak is dead at this point, but it can blaze again.

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